IOIT: Dartmouth graduate student on day 16 of hunger strike over sexual harassment investigation

In Other Ivory Towers, or IOIT, is a Record column covering events and news in institutions of higher education. On July 14, Dartmouth College computer science graduate student Maha Hasan Alshawi began a hunger strike to bring attention to what she and local advocates say was the school’s mishandling of her Title IX complaint. 

Now 16 days in, Alshawi is continuing the strike with the goal of ensuring that Dartmouth gives her allegations proper consideration.

Through Unmasked app, students share how they are really feeling

At the top of the screen reads a simple prompt: “Hi, how are you really feeling today?” Posts, arrayed on a nature-themed user interface that practically screams calm, seem to take the question seriously, answering candidly and thoughtfully. Responses range from fears that feel too mundane for in-person discussion, to critical and existential worries about life, death and the nature of happiness.

Jack Romans ’20 to study the nuances of international children’s theatre

While life after college typically invites adulthood, independence and rapid growth, the post-grad plans of Jack Romans ’20 do quite the opposite. In fact, the project he will undertake through the Watson Fellowship — a prestigious one-year grant for independent international research — is titled “Never Growing Up.”

Williams College TaskMaster: cross-country quarantine comedy

“I just have to hope that somewhere out there, in some part of the world, one of the others is failing more than I,” said Hallie Della-Volpe ’21 in a dramatic aside to the camera. The camera in question was her iPhone, and the failure referred to the collapse of the small rubber bands she had spent twenty minutes diligently stacking in attempts to “create the tallest thing out of the smallest things.”