The Williams Record

About The Record

The Williams Record is the student-run newspaper of record at Williams College. The paper was founded in 1887 as The Williams Weekly and changed its name in 1904. The Record editorial board is responsible for making all decisions about coverage and content.

The weekly paper publishes in broadsheet form on Wednesdays from September through May, except during school breaks and exam periods. The Record covers news and events relevant to campus. Space is also provided for letters to the editor and op-eds written by members of the Williams community.

Though the Record is listed alongside other student organizations, the paper is unique in that the only funding it receives through the College is a student-subscription fee built into the Student Activities Tax. Publication is funded through advertising, subscriptions and online contributions. If you read the Record regularly but do not hold a subscription, please consider making a contribution to support our continued publication.

Editorships at the Record turn over in January. The incoming editor-in-chief selects all new section editors and executive editors. Applications for section editor positions (News, Opinions, Features, Arts, Sports, Photo, Podcast) are due toward the end of the fall semester. Prior experience writing or shooting for the Record is strongly encouraged, but not required.

If you are a Williams College student, you are eligible to join the Record as a member of our editorial or business staff. Prospective reporters and photographers are always welcome at our weekly staff meetings, held on Wednesdays at our office in Paresky 209 at 10 p.m. Whether your interest lies in news, opinions, features, arts, sports or photography, there are always opportunities for students looking to get involved. No prior experience with newspapers is expected or required. To demonstrate interest, feel free to fill out the following Google form.

Students begin as contributing writers and photographers and are promoted to staff after completing three assignments.

Writers and photographers who contribute outstanding work to the paper may be asked to become senior writers and photographers. Students in this position are expected to write or shoot for the Record on a regular basis and take on challenging assignments.

The business staff hires students to work with the Record’s finances and other business-side matters. When positions are vacated, often at the end of semesters, the business manager advertises the openings and collects applications. If you would like to be made aware when openings arise, please email [email protected] and ask to be placed on our list.