Word on the Quad: What quote or excerpt do you have fully memorized?

“Face down, ass up, back gotta be arched.” -JAZMIN BRAMBLE ’20

“I’m  George, George McFly. I’m your destiny.” -Ben Kitchen ’21

“The voice of the sea is seductive; never ceasing, whispering, clamoring, murmuring…” -GINA AL-KARABLIEH ’22 

“The only broken English is when you don’t speak.” – LIZZIE LETSOU ’23

Chaplain’s Corner

Welcome to the Chaplains’ Office column! We will be writing twice a month, offering reflections on spiritual themes that are inspired through our respective faith journeys and our engagement with thoughts and ideas encounter as people of faith and chaplains at Williams College.

A world of endless scrolling: Reflecting on the effects of social media

We are at a critical point in internet history: Governments are preparing to investigate web giants like Google and Facebook, and people seem to be reconsidering their relationships to the infinite space that they could access in seconds from their smartphones or smartwatches. I’d like to remind y’all of the potential beautiful and honest self-expression that our devices can provide.

Letter from the editor

We at the Record are thrilled to begin another semester in the Purple Valley, and I am personally grateful to have this opportunity to address our readership at the beginning of my time as editor-in-chief. My goal for this time is simple: to publish good, truthful and important stories.

Silence is complicity: The connection between Williams and Mauna Kea

In the brief time that I have been studying away at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, I have come into contact with Williams in each of my classes more often than I expected. While I wish to be writing to you to say it’s the pleasant memories of community that I have found here, like those I had at Williams, or that spending time outdoors in O’ahu has refreshed me as do the Berkshires in the early fall, I am unfortunately writing to say Williams has made itself present rather obtusely and in a less-than-positive way.  

In every class, I have been reminded of the devastation caused to the people of Hawai’i by missionaries who led the colonization of the islands and began a trend of human and cultural genocide on the islands.