Letter to the Editor: Nancy Macauley, CSS

Dear Williams Students:

I see you, I hear you, I have helped many of you and I have been here for you. Therefore, I feel the need to share how disheartened I am about the recent article in the Record and the negative perception about Campus Safety and Security.

Letter to the Editor: Rachel Scharf

To the editor:

In recent campus discourse, both in and out of the Record, there have been many allusions made to Students for Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue (SIPD). In the wake of College Council’s (CC’s) rejection of the Williams Initiative for Israel (WIFI), some have pointed to SIPD as an already existing pro-Israel group on campus.  I write as a founding member of the SIPD board in the hopes of clarifying the mission of the organization. 

SIPD is neither pro-Israel nor pro-Palestine.

Letter to the Editor: Isaiah Blake

To the editor:

My prayer this year was for the perspective and wisdom to know beauty and love. I have asked for the ability to see community grow like healing plants in a new garden.

Toward fairness and accountability

Last Tuesday, College Council (CC) denied Williams Initiative for Israel’s (WIFI) request to become a registered student organization. CC members voted anonymously, and only three council members participated in the contentious debate, with none stating the reason for their decision.

Letter to the Editor – Joy James

We care. 

We care about our students, including the brainiacs, artists, fierce advocates for equity and dignity, who care for (disenfranchised) communities and the environment— often while being denied reciprocal care. 

Passionate about justice — social and restorative — we note that repressive rhetoric leverages predation. Prizing intelligence in varied forms — especially emotional intelligence — we are not always happy to but will publicly clash with willful ignorance and mendaciousness displaying brain rot and ethical decay. 

Grateful that we have been spared from attending funerals for friends who worship in mosques, synagogues and black churches, we understand that some of our students are stressed because they or kin seek solace and spirituality under threats by white supremacists, misogynists, trans/queer/ biphobes and their enablers.