Franny Choi brews and forges revolution through verse

Franny Choi, who will teach courses at the College in the spring, negotiates her intersecting identities and past activism through teaching and writing. ETHAN DINÇER/THE WILLIAMS RECORD

Franny Choi does it all — a poet, performer, essayist and former community organizer, she is currently a Gaius Charles Bolin, class of 1889, Fellow in English at the College.

Peter Elbow ’57 reflects on development of freewriting

“If your pencil stops moving, the room is gonna blow up. Just keep writing,” Peter Elbow ’57 said, describing the practice of “freewriting.” 

Elbow pioneered freewriting in the early 1970s, and it is used in many writing programs across the globe today.

SITI Company’s ‘The Bacchae’ gives an ancient Greek classic a modern spin

On Saturday night, the Saratoga International Theater Institute (SITI) company, an internationally renowned collective founded by theater directors Anne Bogart and Tadashi Suzuki, performed their new production of The Bacchae at the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance. The production, directed by Anne Bogart, starred Ellen Lauren as Dionysus, Toussaint Jeanlouis as Pentheus, Stephen Duff Webber as Cadmus and Akiko Aizawa as Agave.

“Box Office Hours”: ‘The Queen’ with Julie Cassiday

PHOTO COURTESY OF GROVE PRESS/PHOTOFEST Miss Manhattan (Crystal LaBeija), left, and Miss Fire Island, right, compete in the 1967 Miss All-America Camp Beauty Pageant in Frank Simon’s The Queen. On Saturday evening, in anticipation of my invitation to the First Chance senior dance, I showered, shampooed and conditioned my hair, blow-dried my hair, applied anti-perspirant, covered a zit on my chin with “It Cosmetics Medium Tan Color Correcting Cream” (advertised on the tube as “Your Skin, But Better™”), squeezed my bust into a dress I’d bought from Goodwill the weekend prior, adjusted my bust so that less cleavage showed, readjusted my bust so that more cleavage showed, swooped eyeliner across my lids, fluffed my lashes with mascara, readjusted my bust so that less cleavage showed again, put in earrings, glossed my lips, shadowed my eyes, strapped myself into a pair of four-inch red velvet heels and tottered out of my dorm room into the November chill. 

Femininity, if you want to “get it right,” is work.

Kelema Moses delivers lecture on de-colonizing architecture in Hawai’i

PHOTO COURTESY OF WILLIAMS EVENTS Kelema Moses approaches urban planning with an interdisciplinary lens accounting for space, Indigenous histories and the environment. Kelema Lee Moses, assistant professor of art and art history at Occidental College, gave the annual Whitney Stoddard Memorial Lecture in Lawrence Hall on Thursday. 

Moses’ research focuses on the architectural and urban landscape of Pacific island cities.

Miguel A. López to speak on queer artistic interventions

PHOTO COURTESY OF INDEPENDENT CURATORS INTERNATIONAL Miguel López’s work as a curator, museum director, writer and researcher has worked to expose alternative histories through queer and feminist lenses. An internationally renowned curator whose work focuses on queer artistic interventions is delivering a lecture at the College next week.