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Irene Loewenson ([email protected])

Managing Editors
Kevin Yang and Sofie Jones


Executive Editor for News
Annie Lu

College News Editors
Megan Lin and Kiara Royer

Town News Editor
Ella Marx


Executive Editor for Opinions
Saud Afzal Shafi

Executive Editor for Editorials
Kitt Urdang

Executive Editor for Columns
Yannick Davidson

Opinions Editors
Katie Jung and Iman Shumburo


Executive Editor for Features
Bellamy Richardson

Features Editors
Grady Short and Lindsay Wang


Executive Editor for Arts
Tali Natter

Arts Editors
Shizah Kashif and Cameron Pugh


Executive Editor for Sports
Stephanie Teng

Sports Editors
Kent Barbir and Katherine Yang


Executive Editors for Podcast
María Fernanda Estrada and Jacob Posner

Podcast Editors
Alana Lopez Barro Rivera and Tyler Smith

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Executive Editors for Visuals
Ethan Dinçer and Rachel Buccalo

Photo Editors
Taryn McLaughlin and Samuel Riley

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Devika Goel

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Hugo Hua

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William McCormick


Executive Editors for Social Media
Caitlin Han and Alice Qu

Social Media Editor
Sonia Prasad

Executive Editor for Community Outreach
Michael Gibson-Prugh

Staff Director
Kitt Urdang

Expanded Reporting

Executive Editor for Archives
Jackson Hartigan

Executive Editor for Data
Nigel Jaffe

Executive Editor for Investigations
Lucy Walker

Executive Editor for Magazine
Kenia Cruz Guardado

Video Editor
Arjun Pothuri


Business Manager
Mehr Sawant

Subscriptions Manager
Smar Chrysoulaki

Financial Manager
Karunesh Gautam

Advertising Managers
Sameer Jain and William Zhang