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A survey sent to 500 randomly selected students reveals student opinions on institutions such as the faculty, the Record, the College, and the JA system. (Hannah Marx/The Williams Record)

Spring approval ratings survey shows increased approval of Record, decreased approval of Dean’s Office

Hannah Marx and Lena Kerest May 8, 2024
Last week, the Record sent its biannual approval ratings survey to 500 randomly selected students using a script in R. The survey asked students to indicate their approval, disapproval, or neutrality on many campus institutions, including the Junior Advisor (JA) system, the Davis Center, and President of the College Maud S. Mandel.
Students flooded Hoxsey Street, dressed in neon with borgs in hand, for the “Sensations” darty on Saturday. (Luke Chinman/The Williams Record)

From white-out fundraiser to neon ‘borg’-fest: The decade-long history of Hoxsey’s ‘Sensations’

Luke Chinman and Emily Zas May 8, 2024
On Saturday, Hoxsey Street was buzzing with students in neon clothing carrying gallon jugs full of mysterious liquids. The daytime party — the “darty” known colloquially as “Sensations” — is an annual event on the first Saturday of May. But the Record wanted to know more: When did the tradition begin, and why?
Five in Two Thousand: Kent Barbir ’24, Megan Lin ’24, Ella Marx ’24,  Kiara Royer ’24, and Lindsay Wang ’24

Five in Two Thousand: Kent Barbir ’24, Megan Lin ’24, Ella Marx ’24, Kiara Royer ’24, and Lindsay Wang ’24

Shane Stackpole May 8, 2024
For the last issue of the Record this semester, members of last year’s Record management team discussed their retirement from the Record and memories from their time leading the paper.
Students placing mobile dining orders sometimes have their meals stolen. (Angela Gui/The Williams Record)

The good, the bad, and the hangry: Takeaways from Record survey on mobile dining order theft

Audrey Adam May 8, 2024
Students at the College can schedule pickup orders at various dining stations through the “GET” app on their phones. However, there exists an all-too-familiar epidemic of students finding their orders stolen, leaving them rushing to class without breakfast or running late after the staff remake their order.
Students at the College volunteer for the Williamstown Fire Department. (Photo courtesy of William Tinson.)

Williams College Firefighters’ Association kindles student volunteer efforts

Charis Woo May 8, 2024
The Williams College Firefighters’ Association (WCFA) is an organization of student firefighters who volunteer at the Williamstown Fire Department. The Record interviewed some of them about their experiences.
Black students at the College find community through hair braiding. (Julia Karp/The Williams Record)

Hair braiding provides source of identity, community for Black students at the College

Aluna Brogdon and Rehema Mwamburi May 1, 2024
Limited access to goods and services determines many students’ experience of Williamstown. For Black students, the College’s geography is not only a peripheral inconvenience: It’s directly related to intimate parts of daily life, including the care and preservation of hair. The Record interviewed students at the College about the networks of hair styling at the College, the politics of hair and respectability, and the position of hair as a locus of community and empowerment. 
Many seniors approaching graduation will swap out caps and gowns for business attire in their first jobs. (Olivia Jo/The Williams Record)

What am I doing with the rest of my life? Seniors reflect on post-graduation career prospects

Lena Kerest May 1, 2024
Spring has finally arrived in Williamstown — you can tell from the budding trees, the students basking in the sun on Chapin Hall steps, and the resurfacing of spikeball nets across Sawyer Quad. But alongside the joy at the hints of warm weather, a stressful question lingers in many students’ minds: “What am I doing this summer?”
On Nov. 3, 1980, nearly 1,200 students at the College gathered outside Baxter Hall in a rally to protest the Perry House cross burning. (Photo courtesy of Special Collections.)

Is the darkest hour just before dawn? Reflecting on the 1980 cross burning and its aftermath

Safiyah Anwar-Chuku May 1, 2024
In November 1980, a notable act of violence was committed at the College to impede on Black students’ sense of safety: A cross was burned in front of Perry House. 
Photo courtesy of Shayna Julianne.

One in Two Thousand: Shayna Julianne ’26

Izzy Polanco May 1, 2024
Each week, the Record (using a script in R) randomly selects a student at the College for our One in Two Thousand feature, excluding current Record board members. This week, Shayna Julianne ’26 discussed her love for author Zadie Smith, her rotation of podcasts, and her love for comedy.
In the Holi celebration on Friday, students also battled each other with water guns called pichkaris. (Jane Su/The Williams Record)

‘New beginnings’: SASA and HSA welcome spring with Holi celebration

Rehema Mwamburi and Dilay Kalınoğlu April 24, 2024
Last Friday, students, led by members of the South Asian Students’ Association (SASA) and the Hindu Students Association (HSA) gathered to celebrate Holi, the traditional Hindu festival of colors, on Paresky Lawn. 
(Photo courtesy of Julia Clark.)

One in Two Thousand: Aidan Slovinski ’26

Megan Lin April 24, 2024
Each week, the Record (using a script in R) randomly selects a student at the College for our One in Two Thousand feature, excluding current Record board members. This week, Aidan Slovinski ’26 discussed the contemporary art market in Japan, inflation, “WUF time,” and study spots.
Julia Karp/The Williams Record

Alums democratize eco-advocacy resources through Climate Changemakers organization

Hugh Kane and Audrey Adam April 24, 2024
In the maelstrom of pandemic closures and election cycle frenzy, Madeleine Dyke ’21.5 decided to spend a semester away from the College. Like many Ephs, Dyke pored through the alum network searching for career advice and eventually — after about 15 other meetings — ended up chatting with Eliza Nemser ’98. 
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