Words of wisdom from retiring faculty and staff

After celebrated careers here at the College, several professors and staff members will be retiring at the end of this academic year. To honor their dedication and commitment to fostering students’ academic and personal growth, we asked them to impart some last words of wisdom.

Ephs on Tinder: Students swipe right on the ubiquitous dating app

Although I am a proud New Yorker, I will admit that Williamstown has the edge over my home city in mountain vistas, air quality and lack of pigeons. But according to Gabo Lewis ’22, who went to high school in New York City, Williamstown outshines the big city in yet another respect: Tinder bios.

Purple Box: Best Sawyer research carrels

As the spring semester comes to a close, dozens of seniors can be found hard at work in library carrels putting the finishing touches on their theses. We took a look at some of the coziest carrels in Sawyer.

One in Two Thousand: Justin Gunn ’22


Sofie and Justin are entrymates in Willy AB, but they truly bonded when they got attacked by wasps during their WOOLF trip. Kenia and Justin met when they were paired as tutorial partners in PSCI 291T: “American Political Events” this spring.

Memorial pays tribute to Spanish Civil War volunteer Barton Carter ’37

A plaque commemorates the service of Barton Carter ex-’37, who volunteered for anti-fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War. NIGEL JAFFE/FEATURES EDITOR

The walls of Thompson Memorial Chapel are lined with the names of soldiers who lost their lives in American wars, with each entry accompanied by the corresponding date and place of death.

Sartorial Observer: Benny Weng ’22

Benny Weng ’22 derives his eccentric fashion sense in part from his extensive experience with studio art. SABRINE BRISMEUR/PHOTO EDITOR

The presence of Benny Weng ’22 is like a calm and gentle breeze.

JA date or real date?

Now that next year’s Junior Advisors (JAs) have been chosen, the rising JAs are getting to know each other through “dates.” We approached pairs in Paresky to ask whether they were on a JA date – or a real date. 1.

Bolin Fellows find sense of community, productivity in writing residency

The Gaius Charles Bolin Fellowship was established in 1985 to recognize Gaius Charles Bolin, an 1889 graduate and the first Black student admitted to the College. Now, some 34 years later, the Bolin fellowship continues to honor Bolin’s legacy by promoting diversity among faculty, accepting two to three fellows each year from underrepresented backgrounds. 

This year, Prisca Gayles, the Gaius Charles Bolin Fellow in Africana studies, begins a two-year residency at the College designed for fellows to finish their dissertations and to hone their teaching and research skills.