Best Bathrooms on Campus

THOMPSON CHEMISTRY LABS, 3RD FLOOR: This spacious bathroom receives few visitors, so you can take your time here, perhaps pondering the enigmatic poster, which contains only two words: “casual woods.” ANIAH PRICE/PHOTO EDITOR———————————————————————————————————————–

SAWYER, 3RD FLOOR: These elegant bathrooms, located near the main entrance of Sawyer, are a crowd favorite. Golden signage, marble stall dividers and abundant toilet paper contribute to the bathrooms’ palatial atmosphere.

Ephs self-advertise for romance

Hipolito Vazquez ’22 put together a humorous boyfriend resume for potential suitors, posting copies in public spaces around campus. ANIAH PRICE/PHOTO EDITOR

Roughly one in five alums from the class of 1972 is married or partnered to another alum, according to an article in the Summer 2018 edition of Williams Magazine.

Two in Two Thousand: Phoebe Huang ’20 and Will Huang ’21


In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Record brings you its annual profile of a campus couple. This year, that couple is Phoebe Huang ’20 and Will Huang ’21, who have been dating since the sixth problem set in their econometrics class last spring.

Dining revamps certification program

In preparation for the National Restaurant Association’s annual sanitation certification test, three students used Winter Study to create and teach a food safety curriculum for dining services staff, increasing the pass rate at the College from 42 percent to 100 percent. The curriculum was implemented by Katrina Wheelan ’21, Josh Reynolds ’21 and Sam Jocas ’21 in conjunction with ServSafe, a food and beverage safety training and certificate program administered by the National Restaurant Association.

Winter Study courses give insight into world of entrepreneurship

Several Winter Study courses affiliated with the ’68 Center for Career Exploration offered opportunities involving startups. Sabrine Brismeur/Photo Editor

In Winter Study classrooms spread across the nation, from Griffin 6 to the Golden Gate bridge, one buzzword has captured everyone’s attention: startups.

One in Two Thousand: Hemal Patel ’22

Aniah Price/Photo Editor

Hemal is one of the most outgoing, cheerful members of Willy AB. We sat down to discuss his childhood in Coventry, England, and how he ended up at the College.

First Congregational Church spearheads immigrant activism

On Jan. 27, as the wind whips snow into the air on a brisk morning in Williamstown, towngoers hurry in to seek refuge in First Congregational Church (FCC), a building that, with its classic white exterior and steeple, blends perfectly into the picturesque New England landscape.