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Lea Obermüller ’24 brought Milka chocolate bars, known for their purple cow mascot, from Germany to share with her pod on campus. (Photo courtesy of Lea Obermüller.)

‘I finally feel like a real student’: Formerly remote first-years come to campus

Fiona Seibert and Lindsay Wang March 3, 2021
The Record spoke with six formerly remote first-years, who, despite coming from locations around the world, shared similar hopes and expectations for a spring semester that ends with a fuller sense of their connection to the College community.
This year, Datamatch drew over 42,000 users from colleges and universities across the country. (Screenshot courtesy of

Students look for friendship and romance on Datamatch

Ethan Jeon March 3, 2021
In search of friendship, and maybe love, some students connected with each other through a college-centered website called Datamatch.
The ABC Sale has been one of the most popular destinations on Spring Street for students since the storefront opened on Nov. 5. The store carries affordable clothing, shoes, and accessories, and all remaining funds after operating costs go to other local non-profit organizations and programs. (Ella Marx/The Williams Record)

ABC Clothing Sale pops up on Spring Street

Rachel Jiang March 3, 2021
Since its storefront opening on Nov. 5, the ABC Sale has been one of the most popular destinations on Spring Street for students. As with many small businesses, the pandemic has affected the ABC Sale in unprecedented ways.
(Devika Goel/The Williams Record)

In aftermath of GameStop surge, students reflect on a unique cultural moment

Grady Short and Mico Mendoza March 3, 2021
As the dust settled and the congressional hearings continued, the Record spoke with students about their involvement in the GameStop short squeeze and views on what its long-term impacts, if any, will be.
(Saud Afzal Shafi/The Williams Record)

One in Two Thousand: Emma Paquette ’21

Saud Afzal Shafi March 3, 2021
This week the computer (using a script in R) chose Emma Paquette ’21, who talked about insidious skiing injuries, alpaca farms, and studying abroad in Rome last spring.
(Name/The Williams Record)

Professors grapple with causes and consequences of Jan. 6 Capitol siege

Hikaru Hayakawa and Chris Brown February 24, 2021
During a period of national reckoning following the siege, the Record spoke with four professors about the role social media played and just how predictable this violence was.
Elijah Washington ’24 spent nine months in Germany. (Photo courtesy of Elijah Washington.)

‘It changed my life’: Students reflect on pre-college study abroad experiences

Sam Brooks February 24, 2021
While they were still in high school, several students from the College took advantage of opportunities to study in countries such as Germany, China, Russia, Morocco — and, in the case of some international students, the United States.
(Joey Fox/The Williams Record)

One in Two Thousand: Jared Berger ’21

Joey Fox February 24, 2021
This week the computer (using a script in R) chose Jared Berger ’21, who talked about playing trumpet, being tall, and how sledding makes your butt hurt. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.
Zack Schreier ’21 (right) and Nick Hamburger (left) don chicken costumes for their pitch to the investors on Shark Tank. (Photo courtesy of ABC.)

Zack Schreier ’21 hopes to crack into chip industry with Shark Tank winner Quevos

Lindsay Wang February 24, 2021
Last month, Zack Schreier ’21 and his childhood best friend Nick Hamburger stepped into chicken costumes for their appearance on Shark Tank seeking support for their startup Quevos, a brand of healthy egg white-based chips that are high-protein and low-carb. They walked away with a $200,000 investment and $200,000 line of credit for 10-percent equity from Daniel Lubetzky, the founder of KIND Snacks.
Miranda Wang ’21 decorated her windows with red paper cutouts for Lunar New Year. (Photo courtesy of Miranda Wang.)

Students adapt Lunar New Year celebrations for travel, quarantine

Alejandro Fuentes and Justin Zen February 17, 2021
As most students prepared to return to campus, many of those who celebrate the Lunar New Year had to explore how they could observe the holiday while adhering to the College’s public health guidelines.
Photo courtesy of Sophia Sonnenfeldt ’22.

Two in Two Thousand: Lizzie Ferguson ’22 and Sophia Sonnenfeldt ’22

Tali Natter February 17, 2021
In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Record brings you its annual profile of a campus couple.
Students volunteered remotely for local Berkshire nonprofits and businesses over winter break. (Hannah Bae/The Williams Record)

Lehman, CLiA launch remote support program for local businesses

Bellamy Richardson February 17, 2021
Over the extended winter break, 45 students participated in the Remote Support Program, an entirely online community service project organized by Lehman Community Engagement Vice President Allison Li ’22.5.
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