Got ‘quilk?’

Upon arriving on campus this fall, most students were greeted with sparsely furnished dorms. A few College-supplied towels, minimal bedding and information on quarantine procedures awaited, as did a “quarantine care package” of various foods supplied by Dining Services. To some, one particular food item stood out: a plethora of milk.

Through Unmasked app, students share how they are really feeling

At the top of the screen reads a simple prompt: “Hi, how are you really feeling today?” Posts, arrayed on a nature-themed user interface that practically screams calm, seem to take the question seriously, answering candidly and thoughtfully. Responses range from fears that feel too mundane for in-person discussion, to critical and existential worries about life, death and the nature of happiness.

Seniors celebrate graduation off-campus

While an in-person commencement for the class of 2020 has officially been pushed to an unknown future date, some seniors, including Ennis and his friends, are making their own plans to celebrate their graduation off-campus in the weeks to come.

Pandemic generates uncertainty for class of 2020’s post-College plans

The class of 2020 is graduating into a job market that has “literally imploded,” according to Director of the Career Center Don Kjelleren. “We have never seen the labor market unravel that fast as everyone dashed to comply with shelter in place,” he added. 

Given this uncertainty, the watchword for this year’s seniors is adaptability.

Seniors complete theses amid pandemic

A senior thesis represents the culmination of many students’ academic journeys at the College. But this year, like most other aspects of College life, the senior thesis process has been heavily affected by COVID-19. 

For Anne-Sophie van Wingerden ’20, whose comparative literature thesis focused on a 19th century book about a Dutch civil servant in Indonesia, the biggest loss was not being able to have the same kind of informal conversation with her thesis advisor online as she could have in-person.