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The median home price in Williamstown, which has risen over 40 percent in the past year, is now $492,000. (Sam Riley/The Williams Record)
Town releases Existing Conditions Analysis, takes steps towards completing comprehensive plan
Julia Goldberg October 5, 2022
The Williamstown Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee has released its Existing Conditions Analysis, a report that will aid the committee’s development of Envisioning Williamstown 2035, a comprehensive plan set to outline a community-driven vision of the Town’s physical development.
Local residents to put up signs in Town for Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Gabe Miller October 5, 2022
Williamstown residents justin adkins, Drew Art, Christine DeLucia, Randal Fippinger, and Jim Reische, will be putting up 50 signs in Town commemorating Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Oct. 10.
Williamstown’s hottest club is the new bike path
Kitt Urdang October 5, 2022
Executive editor Kitt Urdang ’23.5 explores the Town’s new bike path and its history.
#AASM (Asians are Still Mad)
Asian American Students in Action October 5, 2022
In an op-ed, Asian American Students in Action discuss the failures of the College to adequately support the Asian American Studies Movement and demand for action to be taken now.
Environment, art, and birds: Mara Bun ’84 discusses performance works
Kiara Royer October 5, 2022

When Mara Bun ’84 arrived at the College as a first-year, she had little idea of the collaborative possibilities her degree would allow....

College to end JA housing perks
College to end JA housing perks
David Wignall October 5, 2022
Junior Advisors (JAs) will no longer receive an advantage in the co-op or general housing lotteries.
The mens and womens varsity soccer teams both played against Amherst at Cole Field this past weekend. (Photo courtesy of the Athletic Department.)
An inside look: What goes into a home weekend?
Payton Ahola and Marit Hoyem October 5, 2022
This past weekend, seven of the College’s fall varsity teams — men’s and women’s soccer, volleyball, football, field hockey, men’s and women’s cross country — and two of the College’s club ultimate frisbee teams all competed at home. Hosting this many sporting events was no easy feat: Executing a home weekend requires hours of planning from a wide range of Operations & Maintenance staff, as well as administrators in the athletic department.
Crosswalks, signs, and lights: How the Town tamed Route 2
Crosswalks, signs, and lights: How the Town tamed Route 2
Grady Short October 5, 2022
Though the fact that Massachusetts Route 2 bisects the College is likely one of the first things someone new in town would notice about the built environment, it quickly recedes into the background of daily life. “Stop, look, and wave” becomes reflexive; the miniature traffic jams that occur between classes start to feel mundane. It would take a lot for the road to feel unfamiliar — but quite a lot took place in the fall of 1993.
The Honor Code: for or against students?
The Honor Code: for or against students?
Cooper Stuntz October 5, 2022
In an op-ed, Cooper Stuntz ’24 argues for starting conversation about what the Honor and Discipline Committee means to the campus community.
Makuyeika Colectivo Teatral performed Andares, a production that showcases the stories of Indigenous Mexicans. Photo courtesy of Randal Fippinger.
Review: Makuyeika Colectivo Teatral produces Andares
Viviana Rodriguez October 5, 2022
Directed and written by Héctor Flores Komatsu with the collaboration of the original cast of Makuyeika Colectivo Teatral, Andares combines oral storytelling, ancestral myths, dance, and traditional Mexican music into a single performance that told the stories of Indigenous Mexicans.