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Two students who tested positive for COVID-19 were isolated for 10 days in McGinnis House, which was previously occupied by graduate art students. (Ella Marx/The Williams Record)
2 weeks, 11 cases: COVID cases rise among students
College sees first evidence of community transmission
Annie Lu and Kiara Royer February 24, 2021
Eleven on-campus students have tested positive for COVID-19 since arriving for the spring semester, a significant increase relative to the number of COVID cases reported at a comparable time in the fall.  Seven of this semester’s cases were reported upon arrival, with the remaining four positives occurring after the student had initially tested negative. Three of those students, who at first moved to quarantine in Dodd House after coming into close contact with COVID-positive students, have since tested positive themselves and moved to isolation. One staff or faculty member tested positive on Feb. 15.
Ericka Hart delivered the morning keynote address at Claiming Williams Day 2021. Photo courtesy of Ericka Hart.
Ericka Hart calls out College in Claiming Williams’ morning keynote address
Kiara Royer and Emily Kuwaye February 24, 2021
Activist Ericka Hart delivered the morning keynote on Claiming Williams Day on Thursday in a Zoom webinar titled “(Calling Out) Williams Day!” Hart called on the College to address past and present institutional racism against Black and Indigenous people.
‘Children of deferred dreams’: Tanasia Lea ’13 on being an athlete of color within and beyond the College
‘Children of deferred dreams’: Tanasia Lea ’13 on being an athlete of color within and beyond the College
Katherine Yang February 24, 2021
In a Claiming Williams session last Thursday, Tanasia Lea ’13 spoke on her experiences as an athlete of color to an audience of nearly 150 students, faculty, and community members.
(Name/The Williams Record)
Professors grapple with causes and consequences of Jan. 6 Capitol siege
Hikaru Wakeel Hayakawa and Chris Brown February 24, 2021
During a period of national reckoning following the siege, the Record spoke with four professors about the role social media played and just how predictable this violence was.
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On realizing and loving my Blackness
On realizing and loving my Blackness
Christopher Sewell February 24, 2021
In the third Black History Month column, Dean Christopher Sewell '05 shares how growing up, he came to terms with his identities as Black, queer, and gifted, and how those experiences informed his quest to make Black people feel they belong at the College.
Kamen and Hann’s source of inspiration was Joan Mitchell’s Sunflowers VI. (Yuchan Kim/The Williams Record)
Cures for Strange Times: WCMA hosts virtual workshops to offer peace
Yuchan Kim February 24, 2021
To help members of the College community overcome the fatigue of perpetual social distancing, the Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA) partnered with local wellness professionals to hold a month-long series of weekly virtual workshops called “Cures for Strange Times.”