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The Spring Street Market and Cafe recently raised the prices of its sandwiches by $1 in response to inflation. (Photo courtesy of Shirley Lin.)
Inflation hits Spring Street restaurants
Skylar Yarter and Julia Goldberg November 30, 2022
Businesses on Spring Street have experienced shortages and increases in supply costs due to inflation.
Williamstown seeks to review Town Charter
Ella Marx November 30, 2022
The Charter Committee hopes to perform a larger, more comprehensive review of the Town Charter, solicit input on the revision from Town officials and residents, and propose changes to the charter at the 2024 Town Meeting.
For some students, working on Spring St. casts light on class divides, Town-College relations
Haley Zimmerman and Catherine Debenham November 30, 2022
The Record spoke to three students who have had off-campus jobs at Spring Street businesses as they discussed their observations on Town-Gown relations.
The urgency of combating antisemitism: A timeline of recent hateful events
Oscar Nobel November 30, 2022
In an op-ed, Oscar Nobel ’25 discusses recent acts of antisemitism throughout the United States and urges the College community to take action in response.
The Artist Otherwise Known As: Visual artist and athlete Kristen Chou ’23
Juliette Bostrom November 30, 2022
Kristen Chou ’23 talks about her experiences with visual art and the connections she's made though her practice.
Retiring faculty members offer words of advice
Retiring faculty members offer words of advice
Fiona Seibert November 30, 2022
Ten faculty members will retire this year. The Record asked them to share wisdom with the College before they leave.
Bill Kangas goes incognito in the Ephelia costume at a women’s golf match. (Photo courtesy of Tomas Adalsteinsson.)
What it’s like to be Ephelia: Students and staff reveal stories from their time inside the iconic costume
Annie Lu November 30, 2022
Inside a large bag on the third floor of Mears House lies an assortment of purple-and-yellow fabric parts: two hooved shoes, a pair of purple gloves, a zippered jumpsuit, and a helmet in the shape of a cow’s head. This is where the College’s mascot, Ephelia, resides while off duty.
In April, the College announced it was launching an all-grant financial aid policy. (David Wignall/The Williams Record)
‘Years of hard effort’: How the College launched its all-grant financial aid policy
David Wignall and Schuyler Colfax November 30, 2022
On April 13, students awoke to a historic announcement — the College planned to eliminate all loans and work study contributions from financial aid packages. While the announcement may have come as a surprise to students, the program was the result of years of careful planning behind the scenes.
Chaplains’ Corner: Peace as an act of resistance against hatred
Chaplains’ Corner: Peace as an act of resistance against hatred
Valerie Bailey November 30, 2022
In this edition of “Chaplains’ Corner,” Rev. Valerie Bailey Fischer discusses hate crimes and argues for us to internalize the holiday message of peace on earth.
Dear Ephelia
Ephelia Ephelia November 30, 2022
Local elementary school students participate in the “Let’s Dance” program. (Photo courtesy of Janine Parker.)
‘Let’s Dance!’ returns to the College
Shane Stackpole November 30, 2022
This semester, “Let’s Dance!,” a program in which dance department faculty and students teach ballet at Brayton Elementary School and Pine Cobble School, has gotten back on its feet after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the program to shut down in March 2020.