Club Hub: Martial Arts Club

If you happen to walk around Greylock Quad on a Tuesday night, you may hear laughter, cheering or, if you’re in luck, the sound of a punch or kick. In addition to a reminder that Greylock is, in fact, inhabited, these sounds are also evidence of an intimate, low-key community getting together for an hour to throw fists. 

The Martial Arts Club, though small in size, includes students with an impressive variety of fighting experiences.

CeCé Telfer speaks about transgender inclusion in the NCAA

 Laura Westphal ’21, Ryan Rilinger ’20 and Ariel Koltun-Fromm ’20 joined Cecé Telfer (right) to discuss trans representation in athletics. (Jeongyoon Han/The Williams Record)

 Some athletes do not talk with their competitors at sporting events, let alone hold hands in solidarity.

Club Hub: Winter League of Legends Tournament

Jesup Hall was quiet, with only the sound of dozens of keyboards and mice clicking away, as the annual Williams Winter League of Legends Tournament (Winter LoL) began. We leaned in as the games started, staring intently at the monitors while calling out strategies to each other: “Let’s group up and watch the [invasion].”

For the past five years, young hopefuls from the College and surrounding NESCAC schools have gathered in Jesup every January to compete in the tournament.

Athletics increases concussion testing following NCAA settlement

 Over Winter Study, the College’s Athletic Dept. implemented new baseline testing protocols for low and non-contact sports, following a recent NCAA settlement titled “The Arrington Matter.” The settlement specifies new “member obligations,” a set of regulations that NCAA member institutions are encouraged but not required to comply with.