Town denies allegations against WPD chief, admits 2014 racial harassment incident

While the Town acknowledged that McGowan’s lawsuit “raises genuine questions or doubts about the Town’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and racial equity,” their response –– the second public statement made by the five-person board on the lawsuit –– disputes several of McGowan’s characterizations of incidents. Additionally, it denies allegations that Johnson committed sexual assault or racial harassment, and claims that McGowan did not experience retaliation for reporting and opposing alleged incidents of sexual assault and racial harassment.

Lawsuit brought by WPD sergeant alleges sexual assault, racial harassment by Williamstown Police Chief and unnamed officers

A sergeant at the Williamstown Police Department (WPD), Scott McGowan, filed a federal lawsuit today against the Department, WPD Chief Kyle Johnson, Williamstown Town Manager Jason Hoch and the Town of Williamstown for what McGowan described as retaliation against McGowan for reporting instances of racial harassment and sexual assault allegedly committed by both unnamed WPD officers and Johnson.

IOIT: Dartmouth graduate student on day 16 of hunger strike over sexual harassment investigation

In Other Ivory Towers, or IOIT, is a Record column covering events and news in institutions of higher education. On July 14, Dartmouth College computer science graduate student Maha Hasan Alshawi began a hunger strike to bring attention to what she and local advocates say was the school’s mishandling of her Title IX complaint. 

Now 16 days in, Alshawi is continuing the strike with the goal of ensuring that Dartmouth gives her allegations proper consideration.