Profiles of Presidents Past: Adam Falk

PHOTO COURTESY OF THE ALFRED P. SLOAN FOUNDATION. In 2010, Adam Falk, then dean of the Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins, had his video interview with Williams’ presidential search committee.

Ephs on Tinder: Students swipe right on the ubiquitous dating app

Although I am a proud New Yorker, I will admit that Williamstown has the edge over my home city in mountain vistas, air quality and lack of pigeons. But according to Gabo Lewis ’22, who went to high school in New York City, Williamstown outshines the big city in yet another respect: Tinder bios.

One in Two Thousand: Faris Gulamali ’21


Kaira got to know Faris when they were co-Arts editors for the Record during the spring semester of 2018. Irene first met Faris last month, when he was having dinner with Editor-in-Chief Danny Jin ’20, who introduced the two to each other.

One in Two Thousand: Megan Siedman ’20


Megan, one my junior advisors (JAs) in Mills-Dennett 2, provides her frosh with countless funny anecdotes and snacks schedules organized by a secret mathematical code. We sat down to discuss gum, Kidz Bop and Lindsay Lohan’s secret twin.

Ephs self-advertise for romance

Hipolito Vazquez ’22 put together a humorous boyfriend resume for potential suitors, posting copies in public spaces around campus. ANIAH PRICE/PHOTO EDITOR

Roughly one in five alums from the class of 1972 is married or partnered to another alum, according to an article in the Summer 2018 edition of Williams Magazine.

Campus Cribs: Life in the President’s House

President Maud Mandel enjoys living with her husband, daughter and two cats in the recently renovated President’s House. Aniah Price/Photo Editor

When President Maud Mandel and her family moved into the President’s House on July 1, Williamstown was going through a heat wave, with temperatures climbing into the mid-90s.

Students host Armistice centennial party on Hoxsey to celebrate peace

This past Saturday night, hundreds of students celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the Armistice for World War One (WWI) the way many celebrated Halloween, Homecoming and Thursdays in October: with a party on Hoxsey Street.  The celebration – known as the Peace Party – seemed in many respects like a typical College party. Empty red solo cups and Natural Light beer cans littered the floor.