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Kelsie Hao ’22 (third from right) joined the Accidentals for her final year at the College. (Photo courtesy of Kelsie Hao.)

An unconventional return: froshomores, super seniors, and gap year students

Shizah Kashif and Lindsay Wang October 27, 2021
Many students who followed unconventional paths during the 2020-2021 academic year have returned to campus for in-person classes. The Record spoke with seven of these students, whose stories are full of excitement, reflection, and a sense of belonging to a Williams community.
Six first-years and one senior, all named Sasha, came together to form the unofficial Sasha Student Union. (Photo courtesy of Jack Simon.)

Seven Sashas start Sasha Student Union

Luke Chinman and Lamia Haque October 27, 2021
The Sasha Student Union (SSU) is an unofficial club at the College and has seven members — six first-years named Sasha and one senior named Sasha.
Blackwood (left) and Carter (right) take a grading break to color. (Photo courtesy of Matt Carter.)

BFFs stands for Best Faculty Friends: Professor pals bridge interdepartmental divides

Sofie Jones October 27, 2021
For many faculty members at the College, friendships with coworkers arise naturally, in shared office hallways or weekly department meetings. There are other duos, however, whose connections overcome departmental divides. To get the real scoop on professorial pals, the Record sat down with three pairs.
(Bellamy Richardson/The Williams Record)

One in Two Thousand: Julian Speyer ’24

Bellamy Richardson October 27, 2021
This week, the computer (using a script in R) chose Julian Speyer ’24, who talked about his gap year, his WCFM radio show, and acceptable slang.

GoodNight Kitchen rebounds after struggling during pandemic

Lamia Haque October 27, 2021
Leslie Milton’s homegrown bakery business, GoodNight Kitchen, is run out of her own home and delivers baked goods to students at the College. After struggling through the pandemic, GoodNight Kitchen is now functioning at an all-time high.
Social media influencers balance academics, content creation

Social media influencers balance academics, content creation

Justin Zen October 20, 2021
Perhaps most unexpected on the list of famous individuals at the College are social media influencers. The Record spoke with Alicia Blanco ’21.5, Yeldana Talgatkyzy ’25, and Aylen Park ’23 to learn more about how their experiences with internet fame intersect with their experiences at the College.
Barron Brainerd was a Williams student and chief of boatswains in the U.S navy, and he died at age 26. (JohnCarl McGrady/The Williams Record)

Hidden library in Spencer House provides glimpse into the College’s history

JohnCarl McGrady October 20, 2021
The College’s libraries are home to 768,252 books, according to the College’s website. Several hundred of these books are tucked away in a dimly lit room in Spencer House, offering a look into College life from the distant past to the present.
Bellamy Richardson/The Williams Record

One in Two Thousand: Tajis Lyn ’25

Bellamy Richardson October 20, 2021
This week, the computer (using a script in R) chose Tajis Lyn ’25, who talked about his family’s farm, playing on an intramural soccer team, and competing in “Super Smash Bros” tournaments.
This week in Williams history: Mission arson, Coming Out Week, fecal cleanups

This week in Williams history: Mission arson, Coming Out Week, fecal cleanups

Bellamy Richardson, Lindsay Wang, and Justin Zen October 20, 2021
“This Week in Williams History” is a column dedicated to looking back at memorable moments in the College’s past through articles in the Record. This week in history, the College dealt with an act of arson in the Mission parking lot, celebrated National Coming Out Week, and cleaned up a series of bio-crimes.
On Sept. 14, interim Dean Rachel Bukanc named Christina Walsh the new dean of first-year students. (Lindsay Wang/The Williams Record)

Christina Walsh arrives at the College as new dean of first-year students

Maddy Lawler October 6, 2021
This week, Christina Walsh began their new role as dean of first-year students at the College after the departure of Christopher Sewell.
The College’s “secret” greenhouse is located at the back of the Morley Science Labs and is visible from the South Science garden. (Lindsay Wang/[ITAL]The Williams Record)

Behind the scenes of Morley Science Labs’ ‘secret’ greenhouse

Lindsay Wang October 6, 2021
Science Quad is a maze of hallways, labs, staircases, and classrooms. Perhaps this convoluted labyrinth is one of the reasons that the greenhouse nestled three floors above the ground at the back of the Morley Science Labs is virtually unknown to students.
(Devika Goel/The Williams Record)

Mountain Day by the numbers

Devika Goel October 6, 2021
Last Friday, the College rang in October by celebrating Mountain Day. The Williams Outing Club provided statistics on what went down during the festivities.
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