Words of wisdom from retiring faculty and staff

After celebrated careers here at the College, several professors and staff members will be retiring at the end of this academic year. To honor their dedication and commitment to fostering students’ academic and personal growth, we asked them to impart some last words of wisdom.

Purple Box: Best Sawyer research carrels

As the spring semester comes to a close, dozens of seniors can be found hard at work in library carrels putting the finishing touches on their theses. We took a look at some of the coziest carrels in Sawyer.

JA date or real date?

Now that next year’s Junior Advisors (JAs) have been chosen, the rising JAs are getting to know each other through “dates.” We approached pairs in Paresky to ask whether they were on a JA date – or a real date. 1.

Kudos from the Record

Members of the Record’s board wanted to extend our appreciation to some of the College staff who make our time here so extraordinary. “Deborah Flynn at the Health Center is hands-down one of the kindest and most diligent people on this campus.

Best Bathrooms on Campus

THOMPSON CHEMISTRY LABS, 3RD FLOOR: This spacious bathroom receives few visitors, so you can take your time here, perhaps pondering the enigmatic poster, which contains only two words: “casual woods.” ANIAH PRICE/PHOTO EDITOR———————————————————————————————————————–

SAWYER, 3RD FLOOR: These elegant bathrooms, located near the main entrance of Sawyer, are a crowd favorite. Golden signage, marble stall dividers and abundant toilet paper contribute to the bathrooms’ palatial atmosphere.