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Class of 2026 makes history as largest first-year class

Class of 2026 makes history as largest first-year class

Amina Naidjate and Bellamy Richardson September 28, 2022
The target size for an incoming class is 550 students, according to Dean of Admissions Liz Creighton ’01 — but the Class of 2026 is currently composed of 577 students, making it the largest first-year class in the College’s history. This increase in first-year students has inevitably affected many aspects of student life, including the entry system, dorm allocation, and EphVentures.
A flex room in Dodd before move-in. (Skylar Yarter/The Williams Record).

‘A tight fit’: Students share experiences living in flex rooms, react to housing points pilot program

Skylar Yarter September 28, 2022
Students living in some of the 155 “flex rooms” on campus comment on living in smaller-than-usual spaces with a roommate and the new housing points pilot program.
Shoppers at the Williamstown Farmers Market can purchase bright red tomatoes — among a wide selection of local produce. (_____/The Williams Record)

Williamstown Farmers Market provides hub for local vendors, Town residents, students

Julia Goldberg and Tali Natter September 28, 2022
On Saturday mornings from May through October, the Spring Street parking lot bustles with chatter and music. The sweet smells of flowers, fresh vegetables, and baked goods surround attendees at the Williamstown Farmers Market. 
Michael Ma ’26 (center back) poses with his BASE CAMPus group while canoeing on Grafton Lake. (Amina Naidjate/ The Williams Record).

‘Best of both worlds’: BASE CAMPus gives WOOLFies an alternate orientation experience to overnight camping

Luke Chinman September 28, 2022
Williams Outdoor Orientation for Living as First-Years, known more commonly as WOOLF, is the College’s oldest and most popular EphVenture program, typically a backpacking and overnight camping trip through the Berkshires wilderness. Last year, however, the Williams Outing Club (WOC) added a new option to the EphVenture: BASE CAMPus, where students sleep in their dorms and hike with their fellow first-years over four days.
One in Two Thousand: Zoe Hoffmann Kamrat ’25

One in Two Thousand: Zoe Hoffmann Kamrat ’25

Izzy Polanco September 28, 2022
This week, the computer (using a script in R) chose Zoe Hoffmann Kamrat ’25, who discussed her take on the pre-med track, The Catcher in the Rye, and Snar smoothie spills. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.
Despite the unofficial nature of their program, “What Am I Doing?” participants decorated their own t-shirts to commemorate the group. Photo courtesy of Aaron Schroen.

‘What Am I Doing?’: Behind the makeshift orientation for 17 EphVenture-less frosh

Luke Chinman September 21, 2022
A small cohort of first-years arrived to campus this year with no EphVenture assignment, and a makeshift program — which would lovingly be named “What Am I Doing?” by its leaders and participants — was born.
Adams-Silva (far left) poses with the team behind the College’s very first ASL course. (Photo courtesy of Melissa Kate Adams-Silva.)

Instructor Melissa Kate Adams-Silva shares ASL, Deaf culture with the College through new course

Tali Natter and Lucy Walker September 21, 2022
Instructor Melissa Kate Adams-Silva, who is Deaf, is teaching the College's first introductory ASL course this fall. Her course seeks to not only teach students ASL, but also to raise awareness about Deaf experiences and societal contributions from the Deaf community.
One in Two Thousand: Katharine Cook ’24

One in Two Thousand: Katharine Cook ’24

Megan Lin September 21, 2022
This week, the computer (using a script in R) chose Katharine Cook ’24, who discussed her love for Christmas carols, biology, and life in New York City.
This week in Williams history: An end to compulsory chapel service, College welcomes women, students embark on first WOOLF trips

This week in Williams history: An end to compulsory chapel service, College welcomes women, students embark on first WOOLF trips

Grady Short and Luke Chinman September 21, 2022
This week in Williams history: The Trustees of the College decided to make daily chapel services voluntary rather than mandatory. Male students reacted to the onset of coeducation. And the newly arrived Class of 1981 returned from trips in the Berkshire, Taconic, and Green Mountains on the first-ever WOOLF trips.
Heating and powering the campus: Its a steam effort

Heating and powering the campus: It’s a steam effort

Gabe Miller September 21, 2022
The steam tunnels of the College have been the subject of lore for generations of students. Beyond the campus myths about a secret network of passages under the campus, these tunnels have a much more practical function: heating the water to our showers, warming the radiators in our dorms, and even charging our devices.
At the faculty meeting in Griffin Hall, the faculty prepares to vote on the CEA’s motion to eliminate the swim requirement. (Irene Loewenson/The Williams Record)

Faculty votes to scrap swim requirement

Irene Loewenson May 11, 2022
The faculty voted at the May 11 faculty meeting to eliminate the swim requirement, which the Committee on Educational Affairs has criticized for having a disparate impact on students from underrepresented minority backgrounds.
Two Record editors joined Mandel over the course of a Tuesday. Photo courtesy of the Office of the President.

A day in the life with President Maud S. Mandel

Izzy Polanco and Alessa Somer May 11, 2022
How does President Mandel spend her time outside of executive decision-making? To investigate, we shadowed her for a day, joining her for a few of the events on her itinerary.
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