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At the faculty meeting in Griffin Hall, the faculty prepares to vote on the CEA’s motion to eliminate the swim requirement. (Irene Loewenson/The Williams Record)

Faculty votes to scrap swim requirement

Irene Loewenson May 11, 2022
The faculty voted at today’s faculty meeting to eliminate the swim requirement, which the Committee on Educational Affairs has criticized for having a disparate impact on students from underrepresented minority backgrounds.
Two Record editors joined Mandel over the course of a Tuesday. Photo courtesy of the Office of the President.

A day in the life with President Maud S. Mandel

Izzy Polanco and Alessa Somer May 11, 2022
How does President Mandel spend her time outside of executive decision-making? To investigate, we shadowed her for a day, joining her for a few of the events on her itinerary.
Students and faculty explore Sterling A. Brown archives

Students and faculty explore Sterling A. Brown archives

Beatrice Moyers and Will Royce May 11, 2022
The College recently acquired the collection of Sterling A. Brown, a notable critic and poet who was Class of 1922. Students and professors have had the ability to engage with his materials in a variety of courses.
Franny Choi (left) invited poet Paul Tran (right) to read their work. Alexa Cohen/The Williams Record

Poet Paul Tran reads from original collection about identity, healing

Alexa Cohen May 11, 2022
Poet Paul Tran visited the College on May 3 to give a reading from their acclaimed debut book, a collection of poems titled All the Flowers Kneeling. Before Tran took the stage, four student poets — Izzy Levi ’23.5, Ethan Richmond ’24, Yeldana Talgatkyzy ’25, and Aliya Jade ’23.5 performed their original work.
Four in Two Thousand: Joey Fox ’21, Sofie Jones ’22, Irene Loewenson ’22, and Kevin Yang ’22

Four in Two Thousand: Joey Fox ’21, Sofie Jones ’22, Irene Loewenson ’22, and Kevin Yang ’22

Bellamy Richardson May 11, 2022
For the last regular issue of the spring semester, current managing editor Bellamy Richardson ’23 sat down the former Record management team — with Fox on Zoom — to discuss their experiences leading the Record online-only last spring and returning to print last fall.
Williams Ballroom co-presidents Sophia Trone ’24 (left) and Isabel Bushway ’23 (center) teach students with board member Emma Neil ’23 (right) how to dance at Ballroom meetings. Photo courtesy of Lillie Bushway.

Clubs make comeback after pandemic year

Luke Chinman May 11, 2022
While the College's COVID-19 restrictions on in-person gatherings caused many clubs to stop meeting all together, these clubs were able to make a comeback this year.
A line forms at Goodrich Coffee Bar long before it opens for Boba Night every Tuesday. (Ondine Jevremov/The Williams Record)

Behind the scenes at Goodrich’s weekly Boba Night

Ondine Jevremov and Vincent Jiang May 4, 2022
A look into boba night at Goodrich, both in front of and behind the counter.
(Photo courtesy of Jay Schroeter.)

One in Two Thousand: Jay Schroeter ’22

Lindsay Wang May 4, 2022
This week, the computer (using a script in R) chose Jay Schroeter ’22, who discussed feats of physical prowess, why he became a Junior Advisor (JA), and the benefits of not wearing shoes.
Many international students have found their community at the College, such as the members of the International Students Association. (Shizah Kashif/The Williams Record)

Finding the College from around the globe

Utsav Bahl May 4, 2022
Staff writer Utsav Bahl reflects on his and other international students’ path to the College from all over the globe.
The prospectus, if approved, will centralize AAS in its own department and hire two new faculty members — one junior and one senior — both with Full Time Equivalents (FTE) solely in AAS. (Samuel Riley/The Williams Record)

From an idea to the classroom: The making of the annual course catalog

Luke Chinman May 4, 2022
Professors and administrators provide an inside look at the inception, development, and approval of the new courses that populate the Williams course catalog.
Images Cinema on Spring Street opened in 1916 and has beein showing movies in its single-screen room for over 100 years. (Luke Chinman/The Williams Record)

Behind Images Cinema: How Williamstown’s single-screen movie theater curates its film lineup

Sonia Prasad May 4, 2022
Images Cinema has been in operation for over a century, but the landscape of moviegoing has changed significantly during that time. The independent, single-screen cinema, which opened in 1916, curates its films to match shifting trends in the film industry.
Professor of Art History at UMass Boston David S. Areford gave a lecture at WCMA about the exhibit he curated: Strict Beauty: Sol LeWitt Prints. (Photo courtesy of WCMA.)

WCMA curator discusses Jewish themes in Sol LeWitt’s art

Nigel Jaffe and Genevieve Randazzo April 27, 2022
Podcast editor Genevieve Randazzo (an artist) and senior writer Nigel Jaffe (a Jew) recount their experience of Professor of Art History at UMass Boston David S. Areford's lecture on Jewishness in Sol LeWitt's art.
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