Coziest places on campus to hibernate this winter

Features Desk

With a blanket of snow covering campus, the Record’s features editors put together a list of their favorite cozy places on campus to sit back and enjoy the winter from inside.

Sawyer 24-hour room

(Bellamy Richardson/The Williams Record)

When other academic buildings are closed for the night and the nerd bell has sounded in the rest of Sawyer Library, you can always count on the library’s 24-hour room to provide a cozy place for doing homework. With the fireplace, old books, and dark academia vibes that surround you, you’ll surely feel like a true college student.

Thompson Memorial Chapel Interfaith Common Room

(Justin Zen/The Williams Record)

Whatever religion you practice — or even if you’re not religious — the Interfaith Common Room in Thompson Memorial Chapel welcomes all members of the College community and provides a full kitchen and a warm atmosphere. Literally. It’s really warm in here because the heater is always on.

Schapiro Hall nook

(Justin Zen/The Williams Record)

Schapiro and Hollander Halls — it’s hard to tell the difference — are home to many little nooks adorned with plants, lamps, and bookshelves. We could plop down on these velvety chairs and read (or scroll through social media) for hours!