Class of 2020 Prizes and Fellowships

Features Desk

Arthur Judson Prize in Music:

Yeojin Choi, Hannah Gruendemann, and Tiffany Tien

Arthur Kaufmann, Class of 1899, Prize in English:

Calen Firedancing

Bruce Sanderson, Class of 1956, Prize in Architecture:

Adam Bocker

C. David Harris, Jr., Class of 1963, Prize in Political Science:

Emma Lezberg

Charles R. Alberti, Class of 1919, Award:

darien k n manning

Charles W. Hufford Book Prize:

Benjamin Lebowitz and Abby Lloyd

Class of 1925 Scholar-Athlete Award:

Summer-Solstice Thomas

Cultivating Community Award:

Shane Beard

David A. Wells Prize in Political Economy:

Jacob Shuman

David N. Major, Class of 1981, Memorial Prize in Geosciences:

Katherine Pippenger

Doris deKeyserlingk Prize in Russian

Holly MacAlpine

Dunbar Student Life Prizes

Joseph Moore (First Prize), Suiyi Tang (Second Prize), Erin Meadors (Second Prize), and Joana Fernández-Núñez (Honorable Mention)

Edward Gould Shumway, Class of 1871, Prize in English:

Louisa Kania

Environmental Studies Committee Award:

Anna Lietman

Ernest Brown Africana Arts Prize:

Jazmin Bramble and Melinda Kan-Dapaah

Francis Sessions Hutchins, Class of 1900, Memorial Fellowship Prize:

Nicholas Goldrosen and Morgan Whaley

Frederick M. Peyser Prize in Painting:

Wylie Thornquist

Frederick C. Hagedorn, Jr., Class of 1971, Premedical Prize:

Ashley Zhou

Freeman Foote Prize in Geosciences:

Marshall Borrus

G. Stanley Hall 1867 Prize in Psychology:

Masen Boucher

Gaius C. Bolin, 1889, Prize in Africana Studies:

Aiyana Porter

Garrett Wright DeVries, Class of 1932, Memorial Prize in Romance Languages:

Gabrielle Gedo

Gilbert W. Gabriel, Class of 1912, Memorial Prize in Theatre:

Caroline Fairweather and Jack Romans

H. Ganse Little, Jr. Prize in Religion:

Jeremy Shields

Henry A. Dwight, Class of 1829, Botanical Prize:

R.B. Smith

Howard P. Stabler Prize in Physics:

Mariam Ughrelidze

James F. Skinner Prize in Chemistry:

Maia Czaikowski

James Orton Award in Anthropology:

Meklit Daniel

Jean Donati Student Employee Award in Music:

Tiffany Tien

John Sabin Adriance, Class of 1882, Prize in Chemistry:

Selin Gumustop

John W. Miller Prize in Philosophy:

Anhui Huang

Karl E. Weston, Class of 1896, Prize for Distinction in Art:

Catherine Brule, C.J. Salapare, and Wylie Thornquist

Kate Hogan 25th Anniversary of Women in Athletics Award:

Elizabeth Webber

Kenneth L. Brown, Class of 1947, Prize in American Studies:

Suiyi Tang

Laszlo G. Versenyi Memorial Prize:

Anhui Huang

Leverett Mears Prize in Chemistry:

Drew Cohen

Linen Senior Prize in Asian Studies:

Blake Bullwinkel, Matthew Gibson, and Jake Rinaldi

Linen Senior Thesis Prize in Asian Studies:

Angela Yoon

Louise J. Ober Theatre Award in Creativity:

Justin Kugel

Morgan Prize in Mathematics:

Geunho Kye

Muhammad Kenyatta, Class of 1966, Community Service Prize:

Emma Lezberg

Nancy McIntire Prize in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies:

darien k n manning

Olga R. Beaver Memorial Prize in Mathematics:

Konnor Herbst

Patricia Goldman-Rakic Prize in Neuroscience:

Carl Porto

Purple Key Trophy:

Rebecca Duncan, Emma Egan, and Samuel Goldenring

Richard Lathers, Class of 1877, Essay Prize in Government:

Tania Calle and Jake Rinaldi

Robert C. L. Scott Prize in History:

Hannah Tager

Robert Dalzell Thesis Prize in History:

Samuel Humes

Robert F. Rosenburg Prize for Excellence in Mathematics:

Michael Curran and Teresa Yu

Robert F. Rosenburg Prize in Environmental Studies:

Danielle Evelyn-Olivia Moore

Robert G. Barrow Memorial Prize for Music Composition:

Brandon Hilfer

Robert M. Kozelka Prize in Statistics:

Sofie Franziska Netteberg

Robert W. Friedrichs Award in Sociology:

Sally Louise Walker

Ruth Scott Sanford Memorial Fellowship in Theatre

Hannah Lily Gruendemann

Ruth Scott Sanford Memorial Prize in Theatre:

Brandon Hilfer, Erin Meadors, and Andrea Treviño

S. Lane Faison, Jr. 1929 Prize:

Isabelle Devereaux

Sam Goldberg Colloquium Prize in Computer Science:

Minwoo Kang

Sam Goldberg Colloquium Prize in Mathematics:

Blake Bullwinkel, Isabelle Furman, and Alison Robey

Scheffey Award:

Cristina Mancilla

Sentinels of the Republic Essay Prize in Government:

Nicholas Goldrosen

Shirin Shakir, 2003, Prize in Political Science:

Audrey Lee

Shirley Stanton Prize in Music:

Benjamin Mygatt and Jeffrey Pearson

Social Justice Advocate Award:

Tania Calle

Stanley R. Strauss, Class of 1935, Prize in English:

Mi Yu

Sterling A. Brown, Class of 1922, Citizenship Prize:

Shane Beard

The Arthur B. Graves, Class of 1858, Essay Prize in Political Science:

Nathaniel Jones

The Arthur B. Graves, Class of 1858, Essay Prize in Art:

Maria Fernanda Heredia

The Arthur B. Graves, Class of 1858, Essay Prize in Economics:

Hunter Wieman

The Arthur B. Graves, Class of 1858, Essay Prize in Philosophy:

Nicholas Anselmi

The Arthur B. Graves, Class of 1858, Essay Prize in Religion:

Eman Ali

The Chaplains’ Prize for Commitment to and Excellence in Inter-Faith Engagement and Service:

Aanya Ambika Kapur, Omar Kawam, and Jeremy Shields

The Erastus C. Benedict, Class of 1821, Prize in Biology:

David Gorestki (First Prize) and Matthew Newman (Second Prize)

The Erastus C. Benedict, Class of 1821, Prize in French:

Shaheen Currimjee and Theophyl Kwapong

The Erastus C. Benedict, Class of 1821, Prize in German:

Ahna Pearson (First Prize) and Gabrielle Gedo (Second Prize)

The Erastus C. Benedict, Class of 1821, Prize in History:

Hannah Tager (First Prize) and Abraham Steinberger (Second Prize)

The Graves Prize for Delivery of Essay:

Quinlan Carter Byrne, Carlos Cabrera-Lomelí, Taran Dugal, and Jane Petersen

The James Bronson Conant and Nathan Russell Harrington, Class of 1893, Prize in Biology:

Calla Khilnani

The John E. Sawyer Prize in Transnational and Non-Western History:

Kenneth Marshall

The Lawrence J. and Carolyn M. Kaplan Prize for Dedication and Leadership:

Jacob Shuman

The Nicholas P. Fersen Prize in Russian:

Harold Chambers

Tom Hardie, Class of 1978, Memorial Prize in Environmental Studies:

Alison Robey

Ursula Prescott Essay Prize in Political Science:

Luke Anselmi

W. Marriott Canby, Class of 1891, Athletic Scholarship Prize:

Calla Khilnani

Willard E. Hoyt, Jr., Class of 1923, Memorial Award:

Ryan Cox

William Bradford Turner Citizenship Prize:

Mykel Miller

William Bradford Turner, Class of 1914, Prize in History:

Suiyi Tang

William C. Grant Jr. Prize in Biology:

Jenks Hehmeyer

William W. Kleinhandler Prize for Excellence in Music

Tae Sung An, Eugene Cho, Lucca Delcompare, Joshua Greenzeig, Theophyl Kwapong, Natalie Newton, Allen Wang, and Daniel Yu

Willis I. Milham Prize in Astronomy:

Christian Lockwood

Witte Problem Solving Prize:

Hunter Wieman

Wyskiel Williams Math Award:

Megan Siedman