Artist Otherwise Known As: Helene Ryu ’22

I don’t recall exactly how my view of Helene Ryu ’22 changed when she started painting distorted portraits of her own mutilated face. For most of her friends and family, though, Ryu said her more vivid pieces tend to come as a bit of a shock. “It surprises them that a lot of the stuff that I make ends up being kind of dark and violent,” she said. “That’s not really how my personality usually comes across — or at least, my performed personality — so sometimes there’s some dissonance.”

Radio Dramas debuts, first production since pandemic

Tonight, the theatre department will present Radio Dramas, a series of short pre-recorded radio plays selected from Suzan-Lori Parks’ 365 Days / 365 Plays. The show was recorded, edited, and produced this fall by a cast and crew spread across the country and beyond, and the format represents “a way out of—or through—the pandemic,” according to Creative Producer Nicolle Mac Williams ’21.5.

College faces criticism for response to national BLM movement as Amherst establishes matching campaign

At a time when predominantly white institutions across the nation are responding to widespread protests denouncing police brutality and anti-Black racism, members of the Williams community — particularly students and alums — are placing increased pressure on the College administration to hold itself accountable for what they see as its delayed and limited support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Photo series: Faculty work from home

This week, the Record asked faculty to send us pictures of their home working environments, including feline, canine and small human coworkers when applicable. Though face-to-face office hours are becoming a distant memory, professors have adapted well to the world of remote teaching, substituting kitchen islands for desks and keeping close to natural light.

Record Recs: (Free) ’50s classics, Westerns old & new

With less than a month until classes end, students may be wondering how they’ll pass the time without lectures to fast-forward through and Zoom seminars to attend. If you’re one of them, you’re in luck — the College Libraries provide access to Swank, a free movie service that makes hundreds of classic titles available at the push of a button.

Psychology department to join Division III

The psychology department will change its curricular affiliation from Division II to Division III beginning in the fall of the 2021-22 academic year, at which point most psychology courses will be reclassified accordingly. The motion to make the switch was approved at the virtual faculty meeting on April 15 following discussion of the proposal at the March 11 faculty meeting.

Faculty are given option to pause tenure review process

In light of the disruptions to academic life posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, untenured faculty now have the option to defer their reappointment or tenure review process by one year. The choice has been made available to both tenure-track faculty and those in untenured positions that regularly go up for reappointment, including instructors, lecturers, artists-in-residence, athletics faculty and senior lecturers.