Memorial pays tribute to Spanish Civil War volunteer Barton Carter ’37

A plaque commemorates the service of Barton Carter ex-’37, who volunteered for anti-fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War. NIGEL JAFFE/FEATURES EDITOR

The walls of Thompson Memorial Chapel are lined with the names of soldiers who lost their lives in American wars, with each entry accompanied by the corresponding date and place of death.

One in Two Thousand: Belle Furman ’20


Belle and I went to the same high school, and even though we never crossed paths there, she managed to spot me in Frosh Quad within my first week at the College. Such is life in the Purple Bubble.

One in Two Thousand: Victoria Michalska ’22


I first met Victoria when I was sitting with a friend on the swing set behind Mission. She said the two of us looked like Romeo and Juliet, and even though it was weeks before Victoria and I crossed paths again, she remembered my name.