One in Two Thousand: Victoria Michalska ’22


I first met Victoria when I was sitting with a friend on the swing set behind Mission. She said the two of us looked like Romeo and Juliet, and even though it was weeks before Victoria and I crossed paths again, she remembered my name.

Students bedeck campus in googly eyes

On salt shakers and staircases, computer mouses and hot chocolate machines, spread from Driscoll to Hollander and in plenty of spots in between, a legion of faces has arisen on campus. Googly eyes are out in force, bringing a subtle touch of personification to even the College’s most barren paper towel dispensers.

Winter Study courses give insight into world of entrepreneurship

Several Winter Study courses affiliated with the ’68 Center for Career Exploration offered opportunities involving startups. Sabrine Brismeur/Photo Editor

In Winter Study classrooms spread across the nation, from Griffin 6 to the Golden Gate bridge, one buzzword has captured everyone’s attention: startups.

Behind the Uniform: Francis “Frenchie” Fredette

Francis “Frenchie” Fredette, a cook at Driscoll, is well known for his exuberant sense of humor. Sabrine Brismeur/Photo Editor

Francis E. Fredette Jr. – better known as Frenchie – has worked in the food service industry for 48 years and continues to love every second of it.

Guidebook explores campus with levity

Which “architectural jamboree” is actually the only building on campus that bears true national significance? Which Amherst-educated architect invites comparisons to Groucho Marx for his lack of steady principles?

College analyzes communism centennial

As a student-organized event, “Peace Party,” celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of  November 11, 1918,  a completely different centennial event was also celebrated at the College this weekend: the anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA), an important political development of the last century. A conference sponsored by the Stanley Kaplan Program in American Foreign Policy, as well as the political science department, provided the setting for a gathering of several dozen scholars of the history of the CPUSA.

College Reaction provides platform for student-driven discourse

The last few years have ushered in a political landscape that is unlike any other in our nation’s history. Meanwhile, access to news media is constantly expanding: Pew Research Center reported in June of this year that 93 percent of adults get “at least some” of their news online, such as through digitized forms of established news outlets or fresh resources often exclusively available online.

WAFFLES spurs spontaneity on campus

If you’ve taken an evening stroll past Paresky recently, you may recall experiencing a moment of déjà vu upon hearing a few lines of Harry Potter blasted through a speaker on the front steps. These events, and many more like them, were the brainchild of Williams Anarchists for Fun and Lighthearted Entertaining Surprises (WAFFLES), a new student organization on campus.