Students develop Twitter bot to track campus’ COVID-19 updates

As the fall semester approached, Nathan Thimothe ’22 and Gavin Li ’22 saw an inefficiency in the College’s “COVID-19 dashboard”  — and with it, an opportunity.  The statistics on cases and testing provided by the dashboard were not being regularly disseminated or promoted to community members, and the page could be found only after multiple clicks into the College’s website. “I noticed that we were spending a lot of time just trying to get to the COVID dashboard,” Li said.

The most interesting man on Willipedia

Brian Hirshman ’06 revealed the true story behind the ‘B+’ on Amherst College’s football field. (Photo courtesy of Brian Hirshman.)

In the digital nooks and crannies of Willipedia, one name keeps popping up: Brian Hirshman ’06.