Box Office Hours: ‘Border South’ with Cheryl Shanks

“Wherever people feel safe … they will be indifferent,” Susan Sontag writes in her 2003 essay “Regarding the Pain of Others.” How, then, might government officials or other privileged individuals above the net of danger, come to sympathize with the stories of those who are currently in a state of danger, whether that be through the implicit violence acted upon minoritized peoples, war-toiled peoples, or refugees whose flight was hastened by their home countries, terrorist groups, foreign invasions? Narratives, in their evolving forms, offer a potential to bridge this gap, to make those at the peaks of power structures understand more vulnerable and disenfranchised persons.

Box Office Hours: “Fantastic Fungi” with Katya King

Katya King, Director of Fellowships at the College, grew up foraging for mushrooms in what was then Czechoslovakia. The activity followed Katya’s familial lineage – her grandfather taught her mushroomer lessons, a skillset she practiced often as a child but lost touch with in the U.S. In South Hadley, MA., where King lives, she’s fostered a new relationship with mushrooms, one that’s encouraged her to reflect upon her past and grow her understanding of the expansive study of mushrooms. She now considers herself an amateur mycologist – an expert on mushrooms.

Mia Lisette wins ACE and WCFM Battle of the Bands

Mia Lisette performed a stripped down, R&B influenced set. PHOTO BY SOPHIA SHIN

On Saturday evening, dozens of students filtered into the dimmed Currier Ballroom to watch four College bands perform in the All-Campus Entertainment and WCFM 91.9 Battle of the Bands.

‘One Cut of the Dead’ screening horrifies Spring Street

PHOTO COURTESY OF IMAGES One Cut of the Dead, a special screening hosted by Images, provides a meta-take on the horror genre by using tropes and cliches. 

Last weekend, Images showed One Cut of the Dead, a 2017 Japanese horror film directed by Shin’ichirô Ueda for two nights. I decided to catch the Saturday night showing at 11:30 p.m., knowing I wouldn’t be missing out on the lackluster going out scene that I experience almost every weekend night.