Playing the mind game: Sabermetrics at the College

Steven Miller, Professor of Mathematics, is widely known to be a baseball fanatic, but few are aware of his involvement in sabermetrics research. (Photo courtesy of Steven Miller.)

Anyone who has ever taken one of Professor Steven Miller’s math classes is probably familiar with his love for baseball.

Sports teams celebrate Mountain Day

Cider donuts, apple cider, casual hikes with friends — for most people, Mountain Day is a time for procrastinating on homework and enjoying the natural beauty of a Williamstown fall. However, for a certain group of students at the College, Mountain Day also brings sweat, exhaustion and sore legs. 

Well, group may be an overstatement.

Water polo dives into a season unlike any other

In past years, club water polo trained and competed in the Samuelson-Muir pool; this fall, the team dove into the Hoosic in search of a place to bond. (Photo courtesy of Galen Cassidy ’22.)

Anyone willing to make the trek down to the Hoosic this fall may see a group of Williams students tossing a ball around in the river, hidden away behind the trees dotting the riverbanks.

Checkmate, quarantine: Chess Club thrives in the Zoom era

A Wednesday night of wistful longing–Blue-black in Autumnal bliss.Here you hear a voice of calling”come play chess!”, and that is this:Chess club tonight from 9 — 10:30 @ Eco cafe, everyone welcome, no experience necessary! Newcomers/beginners/people who want to learn how to play especially encouraged to come!