Tying the knot in the time of coronavirus

Mackenzie Hunter and Landon Marchant ’20 knew from the start that they did not want a “traditional wedding.” They originally envisioned getting married in New Zealand this June, during a honeymoon-slash-road trip across the country. When the COVID-19 pandemic brought international travel to a halt a few weeks ago, however, the duo came up with a backup plan much closer to home.

“The hardest decision”: A look inside the weeks of deliberations that led to campus closure

Tuesday, Feb. 4, at 4:21 p.m.: President of the College Maud S. Mandel sends an email to the entire campus community, titled, “Update: Williams prevention and preparedness measures for coronavirus.”

At that point, China had been the only country with confirmed cases of COVID-19, and the tone of the email is mostly precautionary, listing advice and resources available for members of the College community.

First member of College community tests positive for COVID-19

The College confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in the Williams community yesterday morning. 

The student, who at the time of publication remains asymptomatic according to the College, had been studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, but returned to campus last Saturday to pick up their car and drive it home the next day. While on campus, the student interacted with other members of the College community, including at Sensation Hoxsey, an annual daytime street party that occurred on Saturday.

Coronavirus pandemic causes mass cancellations of abroad programs

A day after announcing the end of in-person classes in light of the coronavirus pandemic, the College cancelled the Williams-Exeter Programme in Oxford (WEPO) for the spring on Thursday and urged students studying in Europe to return home. Most programs in Europe have told students to head home, and the College’s senior staff is assessing courses of action regarding programs outside of Europe.

Ryan Rilinger ’20 reflects on gender identity in athletics

As the first publicly out transgender male on the men’s lacrosse team, Ryan Rilinger ’20 navigated the emotional, physical and social challenges of playing a “helmet sport” notorious for upholding notions of traditional male athleticism. For him, sports directly intertwined with his journey of understanding his gender identity, finding inner acceptance and finding community within the team.

Student body votes to scrap CC

In a campus-wide referendum last week, the student body voted to abolish College Council (CC) and institute the Three Pillars Plan as recommended by the Task Force on Student Governance.

Two in Two Thousand: Sam Mecha ’21 and Claudia Rodriguez ’21


In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Record brings you its annual profile of a campus couple. This year, that couple is Sam Mecha ’21 and Claudia Rodriguez ’21, whose initial friendship, which revolved around sharing songs with one another, has evolved into a nearly one-year relationship.

CeCé Telfer speaks about transgender inclusion in the NCAA

 Laura Westphal ’21, Ryan Rilinger ’20 and Ariel Koltun-Fromm ’20 joined Cecé Telfer (right) to discuss trans representation in athletics. (Jeongyoon Han/The Williams Record)

 Some athletes do not talk with their competitors at sporting events, let alone hold hands in solidarity.