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The cast of The Magic Flute rehearses with the orchestra in costumes. (Photo courtesy of Molly Arts.)

The Opera Workshop performs a modernized The Magic Flute

Kathryn Cloonan January 25, 2023
The cast of the Opera Workshop's Die Zauberflöte gave its first performance on Jan. 23 and will perform for a final time on Jan. 25 in Chapin Hall.
Students watched HBOs The Sex Lives of College Girls created by Mindy Kaling (Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.)

The Sex Lives of College Girls explores female friendships, provides an accurate representation of college experiences

Kathryn Cloonan and Tatiana Geroulanou January 25, 2023
Students at the College reflect on their experience watching Mindy Kaling's The Sex Lives of College Girls.
Cap & Bells presents Winter Study production of  High School Musical

Cap & Bells presents Winter Study production of High School Musical

Shane Stackpole January 25, 2023
On Jan. 20 and 21, Cap & Bells presented a one-act edition of Disney’s High School Musical as its Winter Study production.
Collaboration, virtual reality, and social justice are focuses of Cahill’s artwork. (Photo Courtesy of Nancy Baker Cahill.)

Nancy Baker Cahill ’92 discusses intersection between art and virtual reality

Kiara Royer December 7, 2022
In an interview with the Record, multimedia artist Nancy Baker Cahill ’92 discussed her work engaging with social justice, collaboration, and augmented reality, as well as her processes creating digital installations.
The cast of Cap & Bells’ Next to Normal performed on the CenterStage. (Photo courtesy of Sari Klainberg.)

Cap & Bells presents Next to Normal

Luke Chinman December 7, 2022
Last weekend Cap & Bells presented Next to Normal. The rock-musical follows a mother with a worsening case of bipolar disorder and details the effects of her mental illness on her immediate family.
Students share thoughts about HBOs House of the Dragon. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

Students discuss the female gaze and fan community of House of the Dragon

Kathryn Cloonan and Tatiana Geroulanou December 7, 2022
House of the Dragon, the prequel to Game of Thrones premiered on HBO Max on Aug. 21. Students at the College shared opinions on the representation of women in and popularity of the new fantasy show.
Kristen Chou ’23 competes on the women’s track and field team and is a visual artist who specializes in oil painting and still lifes. (Photo courtesy of Kristen Chou)

The Artist Otherwise Known As: Visual artist and athlete Kristen Chou ’23

Juliette Bostrom November 30, 2022
Kristen Chou ’23 talks about her experiences with visual art and the connections she's made though her practice.
Local elementary school students participate in the “Let’s Dance” program. (Photo courtesy of Janine Parker.)

‘Let’s Dance!’ returns to the College

Shane Stackpole November 30, 2022
This semester, “Let’s Dance!,” a program in which dance department faculty and students teach ballet at Brayton Elementary School and Pine Cobble School, has gotten back on its feet after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the program to shut down in March 2020.
In April, the College announced it was launching an all-grant financial aid policy. (David Wignall/The Williams Record)

‘Years of hard effort’: How the College launched its all-grant financial aid policy

David Wignall and Schuyler Colfax November 30, 2022
On April 13, students awoke to a historic announcement — the College planned to eliminate all loans and work study contributions from financial aid packages. While the announcement may have come as a surprise to students, the program was the result of years of careful planning behind the scenes.
The casts of Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptations stirred conversation. (Photo courtesy of Kiara Royer/The Williams Record.)

Students discuss casting for two new Disney live-action adaptations

Kathryn Cloonan November 30, 2022
Casting announcements for the new live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid and the Disney+ series Percy Jackson and the Olympians generated controversy about racial representation. Students at the College share their thoughts on race in media and loyal adaptations.
Delilah Delgado ’25 dances to a mix of  “Perdidos” during the fall 2021 Ritmo show. (Photo Courtesy of Delilah Delgado.)

The Artist Otherwise Known As: Dancer and choreographer Delilah Delgado ’25

Beatrice Larzul November 16, 2022
Delgado has participated in many Cap & Bells shows as both a performer and choreographer and is an active member of the dance community.
Filmmaker and visual artist Arthur Jafa delivered a lecture at WCMA. (Photo courtesy of Robert Hamacher and The Gladstone Gallery.)

Arthur Jafa discusses Black aesthetics

Tatiana Geroulanou November 16, 2022
On Nov. 10, in a packed lecture hall at the Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA), contemporary visual artist and filmmaker Arthur Jafa guided the audience through his early life, artistic influences, and a few select pieces, addressing the themes he tackles in his work.
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