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96% of on-campus students have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, Record survey estimates

Vast majority of students are not yet fully vaccinated
Annie Lu, Grady Short, and Kevin Yang May 5, 2021
Ninety-six percent of students living on campus have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, a Record survey sent to the entire student body on Saturday estimates. Only 9.6 percent of the 751 on-campus students who responded, however, are fully vaccinated, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines as occurring two weeks after the final required dose.
The candidates for the three-year term on the Select Board are Tony Boskovich (Above Left) and Jeff Johnson (Above Right). The candidates for the three-year term on the Select Board with one year remaining are Wade Hasty (Center Left) and Albert Cummings (Center Right). The candidates for the seat on the Planning Board are Ken Kuttner (Below Left), Susan Puddester (Below Center), and Roger Lawrence (Below Right). (Photos courtesy of Tony Boskovich, Jeff Johnson, Wade Hasty, Ken Kuttner, and WilliNet.)

Contested races on the ballot for Town elections in May

Joey Fox and Ella Marx April 21, 2021
After a turbulent year for Williamstown marked by reports of police misconduct, the continued hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resignation of several Town officials, Williamstown voters will go to the polls on May 11 to vote for two new members of the Williamstown Select Board alongside several other local races.
(Rachel Buccalo/The Williams Record)

A year into the pandemic, staff still face unique burdens

Joey Fox and Nigel Jaffe April 14, 2021
The Record sent a survey to every staff member at the College, and spoke with seven of them about their experiences since the pandemic began. The stories they told speak to the challenges staff have confronted in the past year, the ways staff feel they do and don’t fit in at Williams, and the hopes many staff have for a post-COVID future.
Without help from the College, the term-limited faculty whose contracts have already ended or will end after this semester must find new positions. Many are struggling to navigate job markets with little demand for their labor. (The Williams Record/Emily Zheng)

Term-limited faculty face uncertain futures amid pandemic job market

Jacob Posner, Josh Kirschner, and Katharine Cook April 7, 2021
During spring 2020, despite widespread calls for support from term-limited faculty members, the College declined to offer a blanket extension of all term-limited faculty members’ contracts, citing financial uncertainty. Instead, it provided term-limited faculty members the option to take an unpaid research associate position to aid in the job search. While some term-limited professors were ultimately offered extensions on a case-by-case basis, others were left to face a beleaguered job market.
Governor Baker announces the vaccination timeline for Massachusetts residents. Photo courtesy of Joshua Qualls at the Governor’s Press Office.

All Massachusetts adults to be eligible for vaccine April 19

College works to become a vaccination site
Kiara Royer and Fiona Seibert March 31, 2021
On March 17, Gov. Baker announced that all Massachusetts residents over the age of 16 will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine beginning on April 19. The College has not yet determined whether it will be able to serve as a vaccination site, but it is in discussion with local health services providers, President Mandel told the Record.
College reports 4 potentially connected COVID cases

College reports 4 potentially connected COVID cases

2 students among the 4 cases attended indoor gathering on Saturday
Kevin Yang, Annie Lu, and Jacob Posner March 23, 2021
Two students have tested positive for COVID-19 after attending an indoor gathering at Gladden House on Saturday night, Dean Sandstrom confirmed to the Record today. The two COVID-positive students who attended the gathering — along with another student who did not attend the gathering, as well as a faculty or staff member — are part of a larger cluster of four cases reported in the last week.
Photo courtesy of Williams College.

College decides on in-person commencement date, shortened Senior Week; senior class officers seek changes

Annie Lu and Maddy Lawler March 17, 2021
The Class of 2021 will celebrate commencement with an in-person ceremony on May 31, according to the College’s commencement web page, and Senior Week will be shortened to a day and a half right after exams. Senior class officers, however, are pushing the administration for a full-length Senior Week and to allow limited guests.
Acting police chief confirms three officers illegally searched records of vocal WPD critics

Acting police chief confirms three officers illegally searched records of vocal WPD critics

Rebecca Tauber and Jeongyoon Han March 12, 2021
Three Williamstown Police Department (WPD) officers illegally searched the names of vocal WPD critics in Registry of Motor Vehicle records as accessed through the Criminal Justice Information System, Acting Police Chief Michael Ziemba told the Record today. He said that 20 people were searched in the few months before former chief Kyle Johnson resigned in December and Ziemba stepped in as acting chief.
College removes 127 students from campus in response to party

College removes 127 students from campus in response to party

Administration defines involvement as any unauthorized presence at Wood that night; some Wood attendees say large parties were common in fall
Kevin Yang, Annie Lu, and Megan Lin March 10, 2021
One hundred twenty-seven students have been removed from campus as part of the College’s response to the Feb. 26 party at Wood. For the purposes of deciding whom to remove from campus, the College has defined involvement in the Wood party as any unauthorized presence in the building during the night of the party. The Record interviewed four students who were at Wood that night. They said that large indoor parties were common throughout the fall.
Friday’s party was the latest in what Wood House residents described as a pattern of illicit gatherings that violated the College’s public health guidelines. (Megan Lin/The Williams Record)

Students come forward as College continues investigation of Wood House party

Kevin Yang, Annie Lu, and Megan Lin March 3, 2021
Following the illicit gathering of an estimated 80 to 100 students at Wood House on Friday, Campus Safety and Security has begun to identify students who were involved. A number of students have come forward to the administration to admit that they attended the party, according to Dean of the College Marlene Sandstrom. Some Wood residents said that Friday’s party was one instance in an ongoing pattern of illicit gatherings at Wood House, to which they believed the College’s response has been inadequate.
An indoor party at Wood House was attended by an estimated 80 to 100 people, Mandel said. (Samuel Riley/The Williams Record)

Students hold massive indoor party; College to delay planned loosening of restrictions

Students found to have been involved will be told to leave campus
Kevin Yang and Irene Loewenson February 27, 2021
An indoor party was held on Friday night at Wood House with between 80 and 100 attendees, President Mandel announced in an email on Saturday. As a result, students will not be allowed to socialize indoors with non-podmates until March 15 at the earliest, two weeks later than planned.
Two students who tested positive for COVID-19 were isolated for 10 days in McGinnis House, which was previously occupied by graduate art students. (Ella Marx/The Williams Record)

2 weeks, 11 cases: COVID cases rise among students

College sees first evidence of community transmission
Annie Lu and Kiara Royer February 24, 2021
Eleven on-campus students have tested positive for COVID-19 since arriving for the spring semester, a significant increase relative to the number of COVID cases reported at a comparable time in the fall.  Seven of this semester’s cases were reported upon arrival, with the remaining four positives occurring after the student had initially tested negative. Three of those students, who at first moved to quarantine in Dodd House after coming into close contact with COVID-positive students, have since tested positive themselves and moved to isolation. One staff or faculty member tested positive on Feb. 15.
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