Spring Street Blues

Campus Safety

Monday 10-26-20

8:19 p.m. Currier Hall: An officer responded to a window alarm in the East Ballroom. 

8:25 p.m. The Log: The staff at The Log by Ramunto’s reported that the signs for the restaurant  had been stolen. The metal bracket that the signs were attached to remains. The signs’ estimated values are $1,200 and $700.

Tuesday 10-27-20

3:50 p.m. Hopkins Hall Drive: Four students were transported to Dodd for quarantine and one student to Tyler Annex for isolation following the report of a positive COVID result. An officer responded to meet the Northern Berkshire Transport Service to assist with the process.

9:54 p.m. Mission Park: Officers responded to Dennett for a welfare check on a student and found that the student had left a message on the Williamstown Medical Associates after-hours service and spoken with a doctor.

Wednesday 10-28-20

6:47 p.m. Sage Hall: A fire alarm went off. Upon an officer’s arrival, the panel indicated a pull station in the B4 common room. The alarm’s activation appeared to have been accidental. 

Thursday 10-29-20

2:13 p.m. Wood House: The Director of Campus Safety and Security received information about possible visitors in the Wood House basement. It was reported that an individual may have a key to a storage closet in the basement. Officers responded to check the basement area. They did find a small amount of marijuana in plain view on the coffee table. There was a makeshift sign on the basement door that indicated the space was being used for smoking.

5:12 p.m. Towne Field House: An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) cabinet alarm went off. A large container of hand sanitizer was sitting on top of the AED cabinet; when the sanitizer was used, the cabinet door most likely came off of its contact enough to cause the alarm.

7:36 p.m. Wood House: An officer responded to conduct a check in the basement after it had been reported that a non-student may have been visiting there. The officer entered the building through the west door and had a brief conversation with two students studying in the kitchen before going downstairs to the basement. Upon opening the basement door, there was a faint odor of marijuana, a water bong and a grinder on the coffee table and a candle that had previously been burned. These items were confiscated. 

Friday 10-30-20

9:21 a.m. Wood House: An officer responded to the Wood basement to check room B07 and see if anyone was living in the room. This room is unassigned and supposed to be empty. Officers spoke with students in adjacent rooms concerning the possible use of this room by unauthorized visitors who are not supposed to be on campus. 

2:58 p.m. Garfield House: A Safety & Environmental Office staff member asked to have an officer check the smoke detector in a common room in Garfield. They received information about tape covering the detector. 

Saturday 10-31-20

12:09 a.m. Mission Park: Dispatch received a call from Dennett reporting a student was heavily intoxicated and required medical attention, and activated 911 for Northern Berkshire Emergency Medical Services (EMS). 

11:41 p.m. Tyler House: An officer responded to a door alarm. The door was found being held open by a rock. After removing the obstruction and securing the door, the officer heard a group of students hastily make their way out of the back door and into the surrounding woods. An estimated 15 or more students fled the area. There was beer and a beer pong set up in the room. 

Sunday 11-01-20

2:18 a.m. Mission Park: An officer responded to a report of an intoxicated student in Pratt needing assistance. The officer found a student on their knees vomiting in the fourth-floor restroom toilet. The student was barely coherent, could not form sentences and was slurring their words. 911 had already been activated. Northern Berkshire EMS arrived on the scene and transported the student to Berkshire Medical Center North.

3:18 p.m. Lehman Hall: An officer was dispatched for a report of a picnic table inside the first  floor common room of 103. It appeared to be the picnic table that is usually just outside the west entry to Lehman Hall. The officer spoke with a couple of residents concerning the picnic table being brought inside.