The Williams Record

2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Kevin Yang Editor-in-Chief See Kevin Yang’s profile
See Kevin Yang’s profile
Irene Loewenson Managing Editor See Irene Loewenson’s profile
See Irene Loewenson’s profile
Joey Fox Managing Editor See Joey Fox’s profile
See Joey Fox’s profile
Jackson Hartigan Executive Editor for Archives See Jackson Hartigan’s profile
See Jackson Hartigan’s profile
Tali Natter Executive Editor for Arts See Tali Natter’s profile
See Tali Natter’s profile
Nigel Jaffe Executive Editor for Data See Nigel Jaffe’s profile
See Nigel Jaffe’s profile
Kitt Urdang Executive Editor for Editorials See Kitt Urdang’s profile
See Kitt Urdang’s profile
Bellamy Richardson Executive Editor for Features See Bellamy Richardson’s profile
See Bellamy Richardson’s profile
Lucy Walker Executive Editor for Investigations See Lucy Walker’s profile
See Lucy Walker’s profile
Annie Lu Executive Editor for News See Annie Lu’s profile
See Annie Lu’s profile
Saud Afzal Shafi Executive Editor for Opinions See Saud Afzal Shafi’s profile
See Saud Afzal Shafi’s profile
María Fernanda Estrada Executive Editor for Podcast See María Fernanda Estrada’s profile
See María Fernanda Estrada’s profile
Jacob Posner Executive Editor for Podcast See Jacob Posner’s profile
See Jacob Posner’s profile
Caitlin Han Executive Editor of Social Media See Caitlin Han’s profile
See Caitlin Han’s profile
Alice Qu Executive Editor of Social Media See Alice Qu’s profile
See Alice Qu’s profile
Stephanie Teng Executive Editor for Sports See Stephanie Teng’s profile
See Stephanie Teng’s profile
Rachel Buccalo Executive Editor for Visuals See Rachel Buccalo’s profile
See Rachel Buccalo’s profile
Shizah Kashif Arts Editor See Shizah Kashif’s profile
See Shizah Kashif’s profile
Cameron Pugh Arts Editor See Cameron Pugh’s profile
See Cameron Pugh’s profile
Grady Short Features Editor See Grady Short’s profile
See Grady Short’s profile
Lindsay Wang Features Editor See Lindsay Wang’s profile
See Lindsay Wang’s profile
Megan Lin News Editor See Megan Lin’s profile
See Megan Lin’s profile
Kiara Royer News Editor See Kiara Royer’s profile
See Kiara Royer’s profile
Katie Jung Opinions Editor See Katie Jung’s profile
See Katie Jung’s profile
Iman Shumburo Opinions Editor See Iman Shumburo’s profile
See Iman Shumburo’s profile
Alana Lopez Barro Rivera Podcast Editor See Alana Lopez Barro Rivera’s profile
See Alana Lopez Barro Rivera’s profile
Sonia Prasad Social Media Editor See Sonia Prasad’s profile
See Sonia Prasad’s profile
Katherine Yang Sports Editor See Katherine Yang’s profile
See Katherine Yang’s profile
Kent Barbir Sports Editor See Kent Barbir’s profile
See Kent Barbir’s profile
Arjun Pothuri Video Editor See Arjun Pothuri’s profile
See Arjun Pothuri’s profile
Samuel Riley Visuals Editor See Samuel Riley’s profile
See Samuel Riley’s profile
Hugo Hua Web Manager See Hugo Hua’s profile
See Hugo Hua’s profile
Will McCormick Web Designer See Will McCormick’s profile
See Will McCormick’s profile
Jeongyoon Han Senior Writer See Jeongyoon Han’s profile
See Jeongyoon Han’s profile
Rebecca Tauber Senior Writer See Rebecca Tauber’s profile
See Rebecca Tauber’s profile
Lily Goldberg Senior Writer See Lily Goldberg’s profile
See Lily Goldberg’s profile
Jaden Block Staff Writer See Jaden Block’s profile
See Jaden Block’s profile
Dover Sikes Staff Writer See Dover Sikes’s profile
See Dover Sikes’s profile
Marit Hoyem Staff Writer See Marit Hoyem’s profile
See Marit Hoyem’s profile
Milo Chang Staff Writer See Milo Chang’s profile
See Milo Chang’s profile
Maddy Lawler Staff Writer See Maddy Lawler’s profile
See Maddy Lawler’s profile
Declan Houlihan Staff Writer See Declan Houlihan’s profile
See Declan Houlihan’s profile
Chris Brown Staff Writer See Chris Brown’s profile
See Chris Brown’s profile
Yuchan Kim Staff Writer See Yuchan Kim’s profile
See Yuchan Kim’s profile
Emily Kuwaye Staff Writer See Emily Kuwaye’s profile
See Emily Kuwaye’s profile
Fiona Seibert Staff Writer See Fiona Seibert’s profile
See Fiona Seibert’s profile
Benjamin Xu Staff Writer See Benjamin Xu’s profile
See Benjamin Xu’s profile
Justin Zen Staff Writer See Justin Zen’s profile
See Justin Zen’s profile
Tharini Prakash Staff Writer See Tharini Prakash’s profile
See Tharini Prakash’s profile
Kit Conklin Staff Writer See Kit Conklin’s profile
See Kit Conklin’s profile
Isabelle Zollinger Staff Writer See Isabelle Zollinger’s profile
See Isabelle Zollinger’s profile
Hikaru Hayakawa Staff Writer See Hikaru Hayakawa’s profile
See Hikaru Hayakawa’s profile
Jaiha Lee Staff Writer See Jaiha Lee’s profile
See Jaiha Lee’s profile
Ethan Jeon Staff Writer See Ethan Jeon’s profile
See Ethan Jeon’s profile
Kevin Weng Staff Writer See Kevin Weng’s profile
See Kevin Weng’s profile
Ella Napack Staff Writer See Ella Napack’s profile
See Ella Napack’s profile
Niko Malhotra Staff Columnist See Niko Malhotra’s profile
See Niko Malhotra’s profile
Abby Fournier Staff Columnist See Abby Fournier’s profile
See Abby Fournier’s profile
Ella Marx Town News Editor See Ella Marx’s profile
See Ella Marx’s profile