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Samuel Riley, Executive Editor for Visuals

Samuel Riley ’23 is a political economy and French major from Lakeland, Fla. Formerly a visuals editor, he is an executive editor for visuals, specializing in photography.

Email: [email protected]

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A call to reevaluate first-year fall

A call to reevaluate first-year fall

Samuel Riley February 8, 2023
In an op-ed, Samuel Riley '23 highlights the unique challenges of first-year fall and calls upon the College to take supportive action.
Remembering Ahmad Praileau ’24

Remembering Ahmad Praileau ’24

Samuel Riley November 17, 2021
Editor’s note: The following is adapted from a eulogy written and delivered by Samuel Riley ’23 during a Nov. 14 on-campus memorial service for Ahmad Praileau ’24, who died in August.
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