The Williams Record

2022 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Annie Lu Editor-in-Chief See Annie Lu’s profile
See Annie Lu’s profile
Cameron Pugh Managing Editor See Cameron Pugh’s profile
See Cameron Pugh’s profile
Bellamy Richardson Managing Editor See Bellamy Richardson’s profile
See Bellamy Richardson’s profile
Lucy Walker Executive Editor for Archives See Lucy Walker’s profile
See Lucy Walker’s profile
Kiara Royer Executive Editor for Arts See Kiara Royer’s profile
See Kiara Royer’s profile
Grady Short Executive Editor for Features See Grady Short’s profile
See Grady Short’s profile
Lindsay Wang Executive Editor for Features See Lindsay Wang’s profile
See Lindsay Wang’s profile
Sonia Prasad Executive Editor for Investigations See Sonia Prasad’s profile
See Sonia Prasad’s profile
Jackson Hartigan Executive Editor for Investigations See Jackson Hartigan’s profile
See Jackson Hartigan’s profile
Ella Marx Executive Editor for News See Ella Marx’s profile
See Ella Marx’s profile
Katie Jung Executive Editor for Opinions See Katie Jung’s profile
See Katie Jung’s profile
Megan Lin Executive Editor for Opinions See Megan Lin’s profile
See Megan Lin’s profile
Jacob Posner Executive Editor for Podcast See Jacob Posner’s profile
See Jacob Posner’s profile
Kitt Urdang Executive Editor for Sports See Kitt Urdang’s profile
See Kitt Urdang’s profile
Kent Barbir Executive Editor for Sports See Kent Barbir’s profile
See Kent Barbir’s profile
Samuel Riley Executive Editor for Visuals See Samuel Riley’s profile
See Samuel Riley’s profile
Devika Goel Executive Editor for Visuals See Devika Goel’s profile
See Devika Goel’s profile
Kathryn Cloonan Arts Editor See Kathryn Cloonan’s profile
See Kathryn Cloonan’s profile
Yuchan Kim Arts Editor See Yuchan Kim’s profile
See Yuchan Kim’s profile
Amina Naidjate Features Editor See Amina Naidjate’s profile
See Amina Naidjate’s profile
Luke Chinman Features Editor See Luke Chinman’s profile
See Luke Chinman’s profile
Ari Quasney Opinions Editor See Ari Quasney’s profile
See Ari Quasney’s profile
Genevieve Randazzo Podcast Editor See Genevieve Randazzo’s profile
See Genevieve Randazzo’s profile
Francie Brewster Podcast Editor See Francie Brewster’s profile
See Francie Brewster’s profile
Quinn Casey Social Media Editor See Quinn Casey’s profile
See Quinn Casey’s profile
Will Royce Social Media Editor See Will Royce’s profile
See Will Royce’s profile
Izzy Polanco Sports Editor See Izzy Polanco’s profile
See Izzy Polanco’s profile
Sofie Jones Senior Writer See Sofie Jones’s profile
See Sofie Jones’s profile
Alice Qu Senior Writer See Alice Qu’s profile
See Alice Qu’s profile
Rachel Cruz Visuals Executive See Rachel Cruz’s profile
See Rachel Cruz’s profile
Iman Shumburo Executive Editor for Race, Privilege, and Identity See Iman Shumburo’s profile
See Iman Shumburo’s profile
Shizah Kashif Executive Editor for Race, Privilege, and Identity See Shizah Kashif’s profile
See Shizah Kashif’s profile
Tali Natter Executive Editor for Race, Privilege, and Identity See Tali Natter’s profile
See Tali Natter’s profile
Skylar Yarter College News Editor See Skylar Yarter’s profile
See Skylar Yarter’s profile
Gabe Miller College News Editor See Gabe Miller’s profile
See Gabe Miller’s profile
Charlotte Staudenmayer Town News Editor See Charlotte Staudenmayer’s profile
See Charlotte Staudenmayer’s profile
Julia Goldberg Town News Editor See Julia Goldberg’s profile
See Julia Goldberg’s profile
Alessa Somer Web Editor See Alessa Somer’s profile
See Alessa Somer’s profile
Daniel Zhang Web Editor See Daniel Zhang’s profile
See Daniel Zhang’s profile
Rijul Jain Staff columnist See Rijul Jain’s profile
See Rijul Jain’s profile
Gelila Kassa Graphics Editor See Gelila Kassa’s profile
See Gelila Kassa’s profile
Aidan Casey Graphics Editor See Aidan Casey’s profile
See Aidan Casey’s profile
David Wignall Investigations and Social Media Editor See David Wignall’s profile
See David Wignall’s profile