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Welcome to the First Edition of Off the Record!

Letter from the Director: A new medium for creatives and community

Dear readers,

Welcome to the first edition of Off the Record Magazine. OTR is a new creative section of the Record which will seek to publish creative pieces by students bi-weekly online (be sure to scan the QR code located on both sides of this sheet to access the rest of this week’s submissions) and in print once a semester.

This supplement to the Record aims to amplify the creative community on campus through the established Record platform, which already has an active, diverse, and dedicated viewership. I have always found that the best way to reckon, make peace with, or celebrate the inevitable oscillations of life is through creativity. Especially now, it is time to cultivate a comprehensive medium for students to share their creative work with the campus community.

It is my hope that this space will be a distinguishable, inclusive platform for student-creatives and be representative of the wonderfully diverse, inspiring and important work that students make.

I am committed to ensuring that any single member of our community has a place to share their work. It is my hope that OTR will serve as an archival documentation of your art because our history as students of Williams College cannot be told without the legacy of our art.

We welcome submissions of creative writing such as poetry, micro-fiction, creative nonfiction, and fiction, personal essays such as non-fiction or memoir styled essays; visual art such as photography, drawings, or graphic art; audio art such as spoken word, music, comedy, etc; and other work such as recipes, playlists, advice, fashion, etc.

I am incredibly excited to be working with such a dedicated team of student readers and Record board members to bring this vision to light. Special thank you to Maya Jacobs for trusting us with her vision.

Be well,
Iman Shumburo ’24, Managing Director
Tali Natter ’23, Managing Editor

If you would like to be a part of the reading team, if you would like to contribute your work or if you have any questions please email [email protected]. Please note that any student is welcome to be a reader and/or a contributor.

Disclaimer: The Record editorial board has no journalistic or editorial role over any published piece in the Off the Record Magazine. Any piece published by OTR should be taken as a product of the individual contributor and do not necessarily represent their affiliations.

In Silence and Loophole – Stella Oh
Desert Rain – Sarah Lindeman
Coco Rhum
Ariadne – Arianna Barzacanos
Childhood Mispronunciations – Genevieve Randazzo

Ephemeral Eyes, Noah Jacobson

Rainy Day, Noah Jacobson

Relief, Noah Jacobson

This Week’s Team

Managing Director

Iman Shumburo

Managing Editor

Tali Natter


Izzy Polanco, Yuchan Kim

Creative Directors

Alice-Henry Carnell, Rebecca Gross, Lio Otter

Communications Director

Quinn Casey

Web and Visuals

Angela Gui, Hugo Hua, Alessa Somer, Daniel Zhang


Rebecca Gross, Maya Jacobs, Melodie Nerestant, JohnCarl McGrady, Zayneb Moin, Diana Sobolieva, Jess Zhu