“Raising Hell” enraptures audience with witty, absurd antics

At 8 p.m. last Friday night, students piled into Paresky Auditorium for the Perennial Amateur Convention’s (PAC) fall comedy show, Raising Hell, which consisted of a few introductory stand-up acts followed by sketches written by the group’s members. Julia Cochran ’19, PAC president, greeted the audience, giving a nod to the show’s director Abby Lloyd ’20, and introduced head writers Evelyn Elgart ’19 and Benjamin Stanley ’19, the latter of whom she jokingly said was only there “to not alienate the men in the audience.” She acknowledged PAC’s female leadership in a genre of entertainment that has historically been male dominated.

“Widows” subverts the classic heist

The heist movie genre is extremely popular and salient in pop culture, and for great reason: the tropes are well-known and obvious, and if a movie utilizes them well, it will be greatly celebrated. The 2001 remake of Ocean’s Eleven is perhaps the pinnacle of this feat and it remains extremely popular more than 20 years later.

Ocean Vuong delivers quiet charisma

“It’s strange getting used to your own voice,” Ocean Vuong mused, stepping onto the podium and bringing the microphone in closer to his melancholy smile. “You are born with it, after all.”
Vuong’s voice, more akin to a kitten’s mewl than human speech, filled the Sawyer Reading Room on Friday evening as part of the Creative Writing Reading Series, co-hosted by the Vietnamese Student Organization and the English department.

Indian, Pakistani stand-up comedy duo bring laughs to the College

This past Friday night was dark and dreary outside, but the inside of Paresky Auditorium was warm with non-stop laughter. Stand-up comedians Akaash Singh and Danish Maqbool graced campus for a couple of hours to perform a stand-up comedy show filled with jokes, jabs and hot takes.

Hasan Minhaj expands the late-night genre with Patriot Act

“Look, I’m not gonna get my humanity from Bill f*cking Clinton,” Hasan Minhaj said. “He’s just not gonna understand where I’m coming from, my point of view, the things my community has had to go through – we have to claim that shit on our terms.” Minhaj recalled this specific moment at the 2016 Democratic National Convention as being that which inspired the creation of his new weekly Netflix comedy series, Patriot Act.