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From love to skepticism: Valentine’s Day in Record archives

From love to skepticism: Valentine’s Day in Record archives

Ondine Jevremov February 15, 2023
Over the years, students at the College have expressed a variety of views on Valentine's Day. These are a few from the Record archives.
A line forms at Goodrich Coffee Bar long before it opens for Boba Night every Tuesday. (Ondine Jevremov/The Williams Record)

Behind the scenes at Goodrich’s weekly Boba Night

Ondine Jevremov and Vincent Jiang May 4, 2022
A look into boba night at Goodrich, both in front of and behind the counter.
The first female professors arrived before the College officially became coed in 1971. (Photo courtesy of Williams College Archives.)

‘The epitome of living history’: Looking back at the College’s first female faculty members

Ondine Jevremov April 27, 2022
For the first several hundred years of its history, the College was an all-male institution. The College first allowed female students to enroll in courses following the Second World War and awarded its first degrees to female students in 1971. The process of hiring female faculty was a more piecemeal one, as a series of extraordinary women brought their talents to the College, from one partial class taught in 1935 to a near equally divided faculty today.
Students at the College are required to take classes that develop not only quantitative and writing skills but also the critical examination of difference, power, and equity issues. (Angela Gui/The Williams Record)

Tracing the evolution of the DPE requirement

Ondine Jevremov March 2, 2022
The development of the DPE requirement spanned over 30 years, revealing not only moves made to diversify the curriculum but also the challenges of creating a well-defined academic requirement while maintaining the College’s trademark academic flexibility.  
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