College resolves federal investigation of antisemitism in WIFI registration


The College entered into a resolution agreement with the United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) on July 3 to resolve a complaint filed against the College alleging discrimination in the College Council (CC)’s refusal to grant registered student organization (RSO) status to the Williams Initiative for Israel (WIFI). The complaint had alleged that CC’s decision on WIFI constituted discrimination on the basis of race or ethnicity against Jewish students, a violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the federal statute preventing racial discrimination in programs receiving federal assistance. 

Per the resolution agreement, the College did not admit to violating Title VI, nor did OCR make any findings of fact about whether the College violated the law.

Letter from the editor

We at the Record are thrilled to begin another semester in the Purple Valley, and I am personally grateful to have this opportunity to address our readership at the beginning of my time as editor-in-chief. My goal for this time is simple: to publish good, truthful and important stories.

Waubeeka Golf Links’ Tavern on 7 is par for the course

The Tavern on 7’s signature Mad Dog relish was tasty, as were many of the other classic menu items. NICHOLAS GOLDROSEN/MANAGING EDITOR. Upon our arrival at Tavern on 7, the restaurant at Waubeeka Golf Links, we were greeted by a stunning panorama of the Purple Valley and rolling hills.

College Council looks for balance between transparency, safety in public records of weekly meetings

After students received threats following the widespread digital dissemination of a previous College Council (CC) meeting livestream, CC chose to make its meeting minutes anonymous and not provide live video for its April 23 meeting in an effort to balance transparency with student safety concerns. During the CC meeting last night, a public Facebook livestream was up for all of the meeting, with the exception of during anti-bias training, and full minutes, including the names of CC members and consenting guests, will be available to all students who sign in through their Google accounts.

CC pressed on racial bias in funding

At Tuesday evening’s College Council (CC) meeting, a student publicly called for accountability from CC for its conduct at its April 9 meeting and its funding process for a student-led event for Black admitted students during the College’s scheduled Previews period. Isabel Peña ’19 called for CC to “establish a permanent fund to support efforts like Black Previews,” to investigate the conduct of Office of Student Life (OSL) Associate Director Mike Bodnarik and implement bias training for CC.

CC raises treasury concerns

Tuesday night’s College Council (CC) meeting ended in a contentious display, with co-presidents Lizzy Hibbard ’19 and Moisés Roman Mendoza ’19 calling on CC’s treasurer, Spencer Carrillo ’20, to resign. The meeting began with CC approving, by a 16-3-3 vote, $34,000 for Minority Coalition (MinCo) to support heritage month events at the request of MinCo’s Steering Board, represented by co-chairs Tyler Tsay ’19 and Rodsy Modhurima ’19. 

Tsay then shifted the topic to Carrillo, whose job performance was not on the meeting’s agenda.