Waubeeka Golf Links’ Tavern on 7 is par for the course

William Newton and Nicholas Goldrosen

The Tavern on 7’s signature Mad Dog relish was tasty, as were many of the other classic menu items. NICHOLAS GOLDROSEN/MANAGING EDITOR.

Upon our arrival at Tavern on 7, the restaurant at Waubeeka Golf Links, we were greeted by a stunning panorama of the Purple Valley and rolling hills. We were not, however, greeted by any people. After waiting for approximately 15 minutes in the entranceway of the restaurant, we were eventually seated in the tavern’s dining room, overlooking the golf course. This snafu at the beginning aside, the service throughout the rest of our brunch was excellent. When we were seated, the place was populated by what seemed to be a few regular golfers enjoying brews and brunch after the mornings’ rounds. 

The menu at the Tavern on 7 includes classic deli and pub fare, such as burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs. It also features more ambitious and original creations, such as the Tavern Towers – a stack of eggplant or one of several meats layered with fresh mozzarella and tomato – and some creative salad combinations. The decor mixed quaint and contemporary, with faux lanterns gracing the tabletops and a popcorn machine in the dining room, reminiscent of our own ’82 Grill. 

We began our meal with a tip from a regular who passed by our table and informed us that we would be remiss not to sample the tomato bisque. To say that the roasted tomato bisque was scrumptious would be a colossal understatement; it was so succulent that our tasters had to pause between slurps to fully treasure each morsel. Our editors also sampled the New England clam chowder, which did not muster the same enthusiasm as its soupy sibling. While enjoyable, the base of the chowder was exceptionally milky, even a bit sweet. 

The tavern burger, though not quite at the level of the same dish at the Log, was nevertheless delectable. We highly recommend that visitors garnish their burgers with the toothsome Mad Dog Relish – a recipe created by Executive Chef David Travisano, who drew inspiration from a hot dog stand he used to frequent. The relish was served with the eponymous hot dog, the Mad Dog. 

The Tavern does the classics solidly. The distinctive relish and a nicely toasted bun certainly helped the hot dog be a solid lunch option. Several of our editors also tried the sandwiches, another filling and fulfilling lunch choice. The brioche rolls were soft and flavorful, the fillings plentiful and the fries on the side more than generous in number.

The eggplant Tavern Tower, though promising in its flowery description of “vine ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, garnished with matchstick vegetables, chiffonade basil, and balsamic reduction,” on the menu, was, put simply, a dud. Even though the dish’s presentation stirred our hopes, with each bite of what tasted like synthetic tofu, the disappointment in our editor’s face became clear. Luckily, the same editor had chosen to begin his dining experience with the zesty tomato bisque, which was so mouth-wateringly savory that nothing could bring him down from his flavor-induced high.

Finally, we sampled the Super Food Blend salad, which was was enjoyable in smaller portions but proved nearly too sweet to eat as a full meal. The flavors of the numerous veggies in the salad were wonderful, but the saccharine honey-ginger dressing overpowered them. 

In sum, the Tavern on 7 offers solid pub fare and well-done classic offerings. Some of the further afield options did not reach the same quality, but we enjoyed the nice space, the beautiful view and the helpful service. For College students seeking a different lunch option, Waubeeka is a good bet.

The Tavern on 7 is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.