Spring Street Blues

Monday 1-18-99

2:12am Fire alarm from Williams. Cause was smoking.

1:52pm Fire alarm from Williams. Cause unknown.

4:57pm Plumbing problem in Sage 4th fl. bathroom. Problem corrected.

5:03pm Leak in Bronfman Computer Lab. Carpenter & electrician paged.

5:20pm Car damaged by ice sliding off the roof of Sage, smashing windshield.

6:15pm Leak in Armstrong. Carpenter paged.

6:20pm Water flowing in southeast basement stairwell of Jesup. Carpenter notified.

6:30pm Water in the elevator shaft of CDE. Elevators secured and electrician advised.

7:20pm Sump pump overworking and smoking in Faulty Housing at 40 Southworth St. Pump turned off and B&G notified.

7:50pm Water leaking through light fixture in Bascom. Electrician notified.

9:00pm Leak reported just outside Bronfman Auditorium. Carpenter notified.

10:00pm Water leak found in Sawyer Library. B&G advised.

Tuesday 1-19-99

4:30pm Fire alarm from Fort Hoosac. Caused by cooking.

8:50pm Faculty member’s car windshield smashed by ice falling from roof of Danforth Block.

4:30pm Fire alarm from Fort Hoosac.

9:50pm Fire alarm from Susie Hopkins. Smoke detector activated. Cause unknown.

Wednesday 1-20-99

4:30pm Assist at Weston Language with alarm system.

6:18pm Intrusion alarm from Jesup.

8:20pm Fire alarm from Poker Flats. Caused by smoking.

9:04pm Floor drain problem at Baxter Dining. Plumber paged.

Friday 1-22-99

12:10am Noise complaint from Mission.

12:14am Fire Escape window alarm from Morgan East.

1:25am Forced window at Morgan Fire Escape.

2:05am Noise compliant from Dodd Annex. Students playing music advised of complaint.

2:49am Fire alarm at Williams. Cause was burnt popcorn.

2:51am Fire alarm at Sage. Caused by a pulled station just inside Williams A.

2:59am Disturbance call to Morgan.

10:01pm Fire alarm from Sherman House. Caused by cooking.

Saturday 1-23-99

12:43pm Complaint of buses with engines running on Meachem St

1:20am Investigate open window at the Log.

4:38pm Power out in Currier Ballroom. Breaker reset.

5:32pm Medical assist and transport to the Health Center from Towne Field House.

7:25pm Fire alarm from Williams. Caused by steam from shower.

11:40pm Disturbance and vandalism at Spencer House. Officer assaulted by a non-Williams student. Subject arrested.

Sunday 1-24-99

1:24am Noise/disturbance at Fayerweather.

9:21am Excessive heat complaint in Chemistry. Steamfitter paged.

10:12am Water in basement problem at Ruland House. Sump pump not working. Plumber paged.

3:59pm Water leak and electrical problem at Library Antiques on Spring St. Electrician paged.

4:10pm Water in basement of Garfield. B&G paged.

5:00pm Power out at 33 Latham St. Breaker reset.

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