Reed Jenkins, Managing EditorMay 9, 2018

Images to open second theater in former Red Herring

Semiannual approval ratings: Majumder, faculty earn high marks

Samuel Wolf, News EditorMay 9, 2018

Changes to room draw process cause frustration

Rachel Scharf, Editor-in-ChiefMay 9, 2018

Examining the history of the Asian American Studies movement

RB Smith, Executive EditorMay 9, 2018


Shaheen Currimjee, Executive EditorMay 9, 2018

Spotlight on research: Neil Roberts examines politics of freedom

Whitmans’ explores plant-based meals

Ksoosha Ramras, Staff WriterMay 9, 2018

Sawyer names reflect literary tradition

Ananth Shastri, Contributing WriterMay 9, 2018

Two in Two Thousand: Emmy Maluf ’18 and Jack Brent Greenberg ’18

Brooke Horowitch, Executive EditorMay 9, 2018


Mandela Namaste, Staff WriterMay 9, 2018

Reconciling Kanye West’s recent behavior with his iconic music

Buzzworthy ‘Spelling Bee’ performance prompts laughs, tears

Hannah Tager, Staff WriterMay 9, 2018

Course combines history and curation

Wilson Lam, Contributing WriterMay 9, 2018

Poet and former College professor Louise Glück delivers emotive poetry reading

Li Yu, Executive EditorMay 9, 2018


Kris Dufour, Associate Director of Sports InformationMay 9, 2018

Softball brings home third consecutive NESCAC championship

No. 4 men’s tennis falls to No. 1 Middlebury in NESCAC semifinals

Kevin Coakley, Staff WriterMay 9, 2018

Men’s crew competes at New England Rowing Championships

Charles Ide, Team CorrespondentMay 9, 2018

Athletes of the Week: Kate Kennedy ’18 and Rebecca Duncan ’20

Cassie Deshong, Sports EditorMay 9, 2018

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