Spring Street Blues

Monday 1-11-99

9:25am Car windshield and side mirror damaged from ice sliding off the north-side roof of B&G Garage.

11:00pm Plumbing problem in Morgan ME 2nd floor bathroom. Officer resolved problem.

Wednesday 1-13-99

2:26am Noise complaint of people outside Gladden making a lot of noise. Students playing in the snow advised of the complaint from people trying to sleep inside.

3:45am Noise complaint from Sage D. Students advised.

Thursday 1-14-99

12:20am Noise complaint from Bryant. Students advised.

12:45am Noise complaint from Bryant. Students again advised and music was shut off.

7:40pm Multiple signals with “K” door (Armstrong East door) at Mission. Cause was ice build-up and ground heaving with frost.

6:30pm Water leak at Wood House. Carpenter advised.

Friday 1-15-99

12:14am Multiple signals from “K” door at Mission. Carpenter paged.

12:57am Intrusion from Lasell to Hopkins Steam Tunnel.

1:05am Noise complaint from Morgan. Students advised and loud stereo turned down.

2:29am Assist with an argument and unwanted guest in a student’s room in East College.

6:00am Numerous Door Ajar alarms throughout night caused by ice-snow build-up at doors. Officers responded to each and clear doorways.

10:00am Theft reported from Lehman.

12:15pm Assist injured student at Sage. 911 activated for Village Ambulance response.

5:22pm Water leak at the Jewish Religious Center. Carpenter was paged.

Sunday 1-17-99

11:12am Telephone pole reported fallen down from behind the Log. Pole was torn down by build-up of ice and ice sliding off roof. Electrician paged.

7:11pm Complaint from Faculty housing at 33 Latham St. of beeping detector. Electrician paged in.

Several thefts from the 1st Year dorms were reported over this past weekend. Students are reminded to lock your unattended dormitory rooms and report any strangers or suspicious activity right away.

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