Spring Street Blues

Monday 1-4-99

2:34am Noise compliant of music & noise in Gladden. Students advised of complaint. No further problems.

4:00am Page grounds-crew for sanding roads & walkways.

1:45pm Fire alarm from Goodrich Hall. Caused by contractors.

3:40pm No heat complaint from East College. Heat was fine but a problem with storm window identified and B&G notified for repair.

3:45pm Fire alarm from Fayerweather. Caused by popcorn.

4:18pm Roof leak reported at Lasell Dance Studio. Carpenter and Electrician paged.

5:13pm Person reported falling in Baxter parking lot.

Tuesday 1-5-99

11:57am Intrusion from Lasell. Building checked. No apparent cause.

Wednesday 1-6-99

3:00am No heat red warning light activated at 79 Southworth St. Officer added water and restarted furnace.

3:45am Report of several fire extinguishers out of place and put on a couch in Mission. Extinguishers were checked and put back in place.

9:40am Larceny reported from Morgan.

8:29pm No heat complaint from Milham. Problem determined and Steamfitter paged.

Thursday 1-7-99

12:12am Medical call to Gladden. Officers had 911 activated for Village Ambulance.

4:00am Paged grounds-crew for sanding roadways and walks.

2:12pm Fire alarm from Mission. Caused by custodian.

7:28pm Intrusion from Jesup. No apparent cause. System reset.

10:11pm Intrusion from Jesup Area 3. No apparent cause. System reset.

Friday 1-8-99

3:04am Noise complaint from Morgan. Students advised and loud music was turned down.

8:18am Smoke detector ringing in an individual room in Mark Hopkins. Checked detector and called Fire Marshall’s office advised.

3:04pm Fire alarm from Mears. Caused by workmen.

4:27pm No heat complaint from CDE. Problem identified and steamfitter paged.

5:45pm Intrusion from Morgan Steam Tunnel. Cause unknown.

6:12pm intrusion from Jesup Area 3.

6:30pm Assist cold and wet juvenile who did not get picked up by parent from daycare, now in Baxter. Parent located and took custody.

9:00pm Paged grounds-crew for snow removal.

11:38pm Fire alarm from Danforth Block. Caused by water overflowing from a tub into ceiling and smoke detectors of apartment below.

Saturday 1-9-99

4:30am Paged grounds-crew from sanding icy roadways.

6:00am Paged Custodial Supervisor for icy conditions around buildings.

7:47am Water leak in Greylock Dining storeroom reported. Page carpenter.

8:32am Alarm ringing at panel box in Danforth Block reported.

10:52am Leak in Dance Studio reported. Contractor called.

11:40am Leak in Stetson reported. Contractor notified.

12:06pm Plumbing problem in Sage F bathroom. Officer was able to solve the problem.

2:57pm Water leak in Morgan basement reported. Carpenter paged.

10:35pm Water leak in ceiling of Mark Hopkins reported. Leak was small enough and could wait until morning. Carpenters advised.


12:44am Noise complaint from Garfield. Residents advised.

2:23am Call to Wood House concerning damage to walls and stair rails.

2:41am Noise complaint from Mills. Music was off at Officer’s arrival. No further problems.

7:50am Assist student locked inside Agard attic.

10:46am High heat complaint from Bronfman Professor’s office. Problem determined and steamfitter paged.

1:52am Intrusion from Miller House. Caused by staff.

1:55pm Ceiling leak reported in Bronfman. Problem determined to be from heating system. Steamfitter paged.

4:45pm Intrusion from Bernhard Music Center room 36. Caused by student.

5:15pm Fire alarm from Williams. Caused by burnt popcorn

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