Spring Street Blues

Wednesday 11-25-98

12:35am Fire system trouble from Dodd Annex. Caused by tampering with detector.

1:51am Student reported being threatened and asked for Officer intercession. Officer felt one of the Deans needed to be called for mediation.

5:19am Fire alarm from Morgan. Caused by burnt “Pop-Tart.”

10:20am Damage/vandalism reported in Brooks House. Under investigation.

2:10pm Fire alarm from Dodd. Caused by exterminator. Fire Safety electrician also responded.

Thursday 11-26-98

5:25am Call to assist WPD at Agway on Main St.

8:10am Damaged window reported in Sage D basement.

Friday 11-27-98

3:28am Call from WPD concerning a 911 call and dispatch of ambulance to Dodd.

10:40am Pest control contractor asking for access to Perry. Prior authorization and arrangements were supposed to have been made. None were. Several more calls concerning authorization had to be made. Situation was not resolved until after 12:45pm.

6:34pm Fire alarm from Woodbridge. Caused by cooking.

Saturday 11-28-98

1:47pm Call from Museum Security concerning suspicious activity and possible vandalism in area

between the Museum and the Gym.

9:25pm Intrusion alarm from Chandler Gym NW door. Building checked. No apparent cause.

Sunday 11-29-98

2:55am Power out in Currier. Officer reset breaker.

1:10pm Excessive heat reported in Dropper House. Steamfitter paged.

Monday 11-30-98

1:20am Heat complaint from Currier. Room was found to be above minimum but a draft did exist. Resident advised to contact B&G concerning window draft.

Tuesday 12-1-98

7:00am Intrusion from Weston Language. Caused by custodian.

Wednesday 12-2-98

1:39am Steam reported coming from a room heater. Officer checked and adjusted radiator.

2:01am Loud music reported from Mark Hopkins. Music was turned down.

10:58am Intrusion alarm from Miller House. Officer found building in use but burglary system had not been disarmed properly.

10:07pm Fire alarm from Bascom. Caused by smoke from a fire in fireplace.

5:10pm Possible illegal hunting on posted land and after dark reported on College Property off Gale Road. Officers checked.

Thursday 12-3-98

1:38am Noise complaint from Sage D. Students advised and there were no further problems.

9:10am Intrusion from Biology room 208. Caused by person entering room without disarming Burglary system.

10:03pm Fire alarm from Bryant. Cause was smoking or incense burning.

Friday 12-4-98

12:05am Noise/disturbance complaint concerning people outside Doughty.

2:42am Fire alarm from Sage. Cause by a bad detector which was replaced by the Officer.

3:20am Trashed bathroom in Sage A. Custodial Supervisor paged.

6:57am Dining Services stockroom reports their truck parked in the loading dock overnight has been hit by another vehicle. Under investigation.

7:15am Panic alarm from the Dean of the Faculty’s Office.

4:26pm No heat complaint from Faculty Housing at 159 North St. Officer reset furnace.

11:45pm Call to meet WPD Officer at Dodd concerning a noise complaint.

Saturday 12-5-98

12:01am Noise complant from Morgan MW. Music was already turned down upon Officer’s arrival.

2:56am Loud music complaint from Dodd Annex. Music was stopped for the night.

9:05am Intrusion from Chandler Gym door leading to alley. Someone exited Emergency-Exit Only door.

10:08am Dining Services staff at Mission report a large broken glass panel. Carpenter was paged in for repair.

2:59pm Complaint of fumes from a bus with engine running outside the Hockey Rink. Driver asked to shut down the engine while parked.

7:00pm Fire alarm from AMT. Caused by person leaning on a pull station.

8:42pm Plumbing problem in Mark Hopkins reported and addressed.

Sunday 12-6-98

12:06am Suspicious activity outside Tyler Annex investigated.

12:16am Fire alarm from Williams. Cause was burnt popcorn.

3:50am Disturbance outside Hubbell reported. Students advised. No further problems.

4:06am Breaking glass reported in Greylock Quad. Large amount of glass from smashed beer bottles found on the North side of Bryant. Custodial Supervisor paged for clean-up.

12:00noon Intrusion from Jesup. Caused by students entering before student staff had disarmed burglary system.

1:59pm Youths skateboarding in Berkshire Quad area reported. Moved along.

1:50pm Off campus resident complaint of music coming from Tyler. Students advised.

5:05am Foul odor reported in Chandler Pool Office. Plumber paged to address problems from the men’s shower drains.

9:10pm Vandalism and theft of personal property outside a student’s room in Mark Hopkins. A part a hand chiseled statue reported vandalized and head stolen. Statue was of considerable value.

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