Spring Street Blues

Monday 10-26-98

12:24am Plumbing problem at CDE. Officer corrected the problem.

12:55am Disturbance call in the Greylock Quad.

3:40pm Intrusion from Lasell Tower Door.

8:40pm Fire alarm from Danforth Block. Cooking.

Tuesday 10-27-98

8:20am Fire alarm from Bryant. Pull station activated at 4th floor landing. Someone had hung something on the pull station.

10:30am Theft of box of white Williams Frisbees reported stolen from Cole Field House.

1:08pm Fire alarm from Williams. Detector activated by outside leaf blowing work entering through a basement window.

Wednesday 10-28-98

3:50pm No power reported in Dennett. Breaker reset.

6:25pm No power reported in Gladden. Breaker reset.

7:00pm No heat reported in Faculty Housing on Sabin Drive. Problem was confirmed and steamfitters advised.

Thursday 10-29-98

5:25pm Intrusion from Taconic Golf Club House. Cause unknown. Staff inside.

7:24pm Fire alarm from Spencer Art. Caused by candles being used during an exhibit.

Friday 10-30-98

1:06am anonymous tip concerning 2 people breaking into a window at Spencer. Persons identified and incident under investigation.

12:30pm Disturbance call to Sawyer Library.

Saturday 10-31-98

7:52am Water heater flameout in Tyler. Reset.

1:12pm Temperature alarm from Bronfman 256. Freezer alarm. Freezer had been open too long and temperature rose. System was reset.

1:49pm Intrusion alarm from the President’s House. Everything found in order. System reset.

1:33pm Water leak in ceiling on Morgan MW. Paged plumber concerning a leaking toilet on 3rd floor.

6:19pm Vandalism to 2 bikes reported in Dennett.

7:10pm Power out in Rectory. Breaker reset.

10:07pm Hot water flameout at Tyler. Reset.

11:30pm Fire alarm from Susie Hopkins. Caused by smoking.

Sunday 11-1-98

1:30am Disturbance/possible vandalism in 1st Year Quad.

5:13pm No hot water in Agard. Steamfitter paged.

7:38pm No hot water from Cole Field House. Steamfitter paged.

11:45pm Vehicle doing donuts on Agard House lawn. Owner identified and damage documented.

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