Spring Street Blues

Friday 9-11-98

9:34am Fire alarm from Wood House. Cause was steam from a shower.

11:50am Fire alarm from Fitch. Cause was use of a hair dryer directly under a detector.

12:28am Intrusion from Chaffee Tennis House. Caused by Staff.

4:37pm Disturbance/fight in Jesup reported. Officers found 2 High School youths fooling around.

8:06pm People on the roof of Chandler Gymnasium.

10:04pm Report of student injured in West College. Village Ambulance also called. Student assisted but refused transport to hospital.

Saturday 9-12-98

10:26am Alarm from the chiller unit in Bronfman B56. Officer could not reset. Steamfitter paged.

2:03pm Theft report of 2 couches missing from Mission storage.

3:20pm Library staff reporting skateboarders on south sidewalk. Non-students identified and advised that skateboarding is not allowed on campus. New scarring in cement and brickwork is evident. Grounds advised to check for damage.

3:26pm Fire alarm from faculty housing at 89 Southworth St. Cause was cooking.

9:30pm Alarm from Bronfman B56 chiller unit. System reset.

Sunday 9-13-98

12:26am Noise complaint from Prospect. Music was turned down.

1:06am Assist and transport injured student from Mission to the Health Center. Transport then extended from the Health Center to NARH.

1:54am Noise complaint from Park St.

5:28pm Fire alarm from the Rectory. Cause was cooking.

6:23pm Power dip campus and area wide. On-call plumber, steamfitter, and electrician paged.

Monday 9-14-98

12:06am Noise complaint from Morgan West. Music was turned down.

3:15pm Intrusion alarm from Morgan tunnel. Cause was contractor.

10:03pm Intrusion from the College Museum. No apparent cause. System reset.

Tuesday 9-15-98

8:00am Assist and transport injured student from Chandler Pool to the Health Center. Transport extended to NARH.

1:10pm Theft of Portable CD player from Greylock storage over the summer reported.

2:02pm Assist injured dining staff member who had fallen. Village Ambulance also responded. Transported to NARH.

6:28pm Intrusion from Jesup Computer Center Sales and Service Office. Caused by a contractor.

10:04pm Fire alarm from Wood House. No apparent cause. 2 more alarms in next hour. Electrician paged in.

Wednesday 9-16-98

1:42am Disturbance call from Sage concerning disruptive and destructive behavior.

9:31am Fire alarm from Ruland House. 2nd floor smoke detector activated. No apparent cause.

1:10pm Emergency button activated in Sawyer Library. Inadvertent alarm

Thursday 9-17-98

5:08am Noise/disturbance on north sidewalk at crosswalk to West College. Officers interceded in a domestic argument.

7:44am Intrusion from Taconic Golf Pro Shop. Caused by staff.

9:55am Theft of a playstation and games reported in Sage D.

6:41pm Fire alarm from Susie Hopkins. Cause unknown.

8:30pm High Temperature alarm from Biology 005. Officer responded and contact people advised.

11:48pm Several calls to Security from a dorm without anyone responding on the other end. Officer dispatched for a welfare check.

Friday 9-18-98

1:59am Emergency phone activated at Greylock lot, NE corner. Officers found no problem.

2:12am Pink scooter smashed into a tree off Tyler Drive. Owner identified. The scooter was taken without permission as either attempted theft or prank but run into the tree.

3:36am Noise complaint of people screaming in the Berkshire Quad. Officers spoke with the students. No further problems.

4:34am Fire alarm from Hopkins Hall. No apparent cause.

12:45pm Boiler alarm from Fitch House. Steamfitters advised.

3:19pm Graffiti found in Baxter Hall Men’s room. Documented incident, Dean’s Office notified, and custodial services cleaned up.

3:43pm Theft of camera from a dormitory room reported.

4:18pm Plumbing problem in Sage. Officer had plumber paged.

6:45pm Fire alarm from Garfield. Cause was cooking.

9:50pm Intrusion from Jesup Computer Center. Officer found building improperly secured. Jesup staff advised.

Saturday 9-19-98

12:29am Noise complaint from 1st year Quad. Source of problem was identified and students cooperated in turning down their music.

6:09am Chiller unit alarm from Bronfman.

9:04am Chiller unit alarm from Bronfman. Steamfitter paged.

9:45am Intrusion from Baxter. Caused by staff.

9:48am Intrusion alarm from BMC/ Listening Room. Room in use but alarm system was not disarmed.

10:50am Loud music complaint from Stetson Rd. Music was turned down.

12:43pm Loud music complaint. Music was coming from Baxter lawn. Music was turned down.

1:00pm Light pole by Cole Field House completely knocked down. Incident under investigation.

Sunday 9-20-98

10:09am Low temperature alarm from Greylock Dining. Steamfitter paged to check out the boiler.

12:40pm Intrusion from Chaffee Tennis House. No apparent cause.

2:30pm Multiple noise complaints concerning music in the Greylock Quad.

4:00pm Skateboarders in Greylock Quad advised of campus rules concerning skateboarding and asked to leave campus.

4:30pm Call concerning skateboarders in Chandler plaza. Non-students were identified and advised of the no skateboarding policy on campus. Parents were also called.

9:26pm Intrusion from Jesup Computer Center 4th floor.

9:50pm Intrusion from the President’s House. Cause unknown.

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