Spring Street Blues

Monday 2-2-98

9:58am Fire alarm at Hopkins ?Hall. Cause was carpenters working.

9:25am Employee vehicle reported damaged in Faculty Club parking lot.

1:55pm Intrusion from the Log. Caused by staff.

7:40pm Intrusion from Museum. No apparent cause, but possibly staff leaving. Museum Security staff advised.

Tuesday 2-3-98

1:20pm Fire alarm from Squash Courts. Caused by contractor.

7:35pm Transported student with eye injury from Lasell Gym to NA Regional Hospital.

Wednesday 2-4-98

2:05pm Intrusion alarm from Chandler Pool Office. Caused by staff

2:15pm Fire alarm from Clark Hall. Caused by contractor.

5:20pm Student in Hubbell reports something is scratching in the ceiling. Officer checked and contacted pest control for removal of the squirrel.

8:29pm Fire alarm from Lehman. Cause was candles from a birthday cake.

9:07pm Intrusion from Chandler Pool Office. Caused by staff.

9:47pm Intrusion from Chandler exterior door.

11:09pm Intrusion from Baxter Dining Services Office.

Thursday 2-5-98

12:05am Power out reported in Carter 44. Breakers reset.

1:10am Loud music complaint from inside Mission Park. All quiet upon Officer’s arrival.

2:48am Intrusion alarm from Jesup. Officer found that building was not secured properly ly closing Monitors.

2:50pm Fire alarm from Squash Courts. Caused by contractors.

6:45pm Burglary alarm from Miller. Caused by student staff.

8:15pm Fire alarm from Bascom. Caused by cooking.

10:53pm Noise complaint concerning loud students outside Bryant.

11:36pm Officer found bicycle in snowbank by Thompson. Taken to Security storage until claimed.

11:42pm Call to assist at the Log concerning access and crowd control.

Friday 2-6-98

7:03am Staff person in Baxter reported a bike thrown in the bushes next to Baxter. Bike picked up and put into Security storage until claimed.

7:11am Intrusion from Baxter Purchasers Office. Caused by staff.

10:40am Jesup staff person reported her car windshield smashed.

11:05am Report of a burning odor in Baxter Hall. 911 activated for Fire Department response. NO cause found.

9:01am Intrusion from Jesup. Caused by staff.

Saturday 2-7-98

6:30am Fire alarm from Prospect. Activated smoke detector in MW attic. No apparent cause.

1:32pm Fire alarm from Poker Flats. Cause found to be a heat detector in trash shed. Fire Safety paged in to replace.

4:55pm Burglary from the President’s House.

5:12pm Fire alarm from Lehman. Detector near dryer activated. There were no signs of an actual problem. System reset.

Sunday 2-8-98

8:09am Vandalism at north wall outside Mission Park found.

12:05pm Intrusion from BMC Listening Room.

12:21pm Intrusion from Bronfman B29.

2:24pm No hot water at Tyler Annex reported. Boiler was not working. Reset.

4:49pm Intrusion from Stetson AV Room A. Caused by student staff with wrong access code.

From Monday 2-2-98 through Sunday 2-8-98 Security performed 84 transports and 73 room openings.

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