Behind the Uniform: Francis “Frenchie” Fredette

Francis “Frenchie” Fredette, a cook at Driscoll, is well known for his exuberant sense of humor. Sabrine Brismeur/Photo Editor

Francis E. Fredette Jr. – better known as Frenchie – has worked in the food service industry for 48 years and continues to love every second of it.

Behind the Uniform: Donna Cuzzone

From the moment I sat across from Donna Cuzzone, I felt at home. She began our conversation with some self-deprecating humor about how she had spilled her coffee right before the interview, and I felt myself relaxing considerably at the sound of her laugh.

Behind the Uniform: Valerie Turner

This November marks Valerie Turner’s 28th and final year of working as a custodian at the College. Turner, or Val as her friends and students call her, plans on retiring with her husband this spring.

Behind the Uniform: Melinda Diaz

From exchanging textbooks to sitting down for a latte, students regularly engage with the Williams Bookstore. Staff who work to keep the shop running smoothly include Melinda Diaz, an Idaho native who landed in Williamstown through what she calls a “series of accidents.”
Two years ago, during a cross-country road trip that went literally from coast to coast, she passed through Williamstown to visit her sister in Vermont.