For Jules Clardy ’23, witchcraft deepens link with ancestors

PHOTOS COURTESY OF JULES CLARDY.In her Frosh Quad single (above), which smells pleasantly of herbs, Clardy said she has “completely maxed out all of my wall and ceiling space.”

Album covers and art adorn Clardy’s room, which she has filled with decoration she finds beautiful and evoke memories. “At my great-grandmother’s house on Cape Cod, we have a really terrifying hall that’s just filled with oil paintings of my dead relatives,” Jules Clardy ’23 said.

Students, incarcerated people form partnerships

Greg Parslow, who is no longer incarcerated, went to the Berkshire County House of Correction (BHoC) for selling narcotics. He had joined a gang at a state institution, but while at BHoC, he renounced his membership and the violent ideology in which he had been indoctrinated. 

When he entered the prison system, he had been a normal kid, he said.

Steve Simon enjoys life as First Gentleman

Steve Simon, pictured with his cat Shoshie in the President’s House, has settled into life as First Gentleman of the College. (Ethan Dinçer/The Williams Record)

Steve Simon, President Maud Mandel’s husband, is the first First Gentleman of Williams in the College’s long history.