Spring Street Blues

Campus Safety

Monday ​11-9-20

8:00 a.m. Gladden House: Campus Safety and Security (CSS) took a statement from a student concerning their room being vandalized and their window being broken over the weekend.

Thursday ​11-12-20​

4:25 p.m.​: Dispatch received several calls regarding a dog, described as a medium black and brown mix, running loose on campus. It was seen near Morley Dr., Lehman Hall, Paresky Lawn and Park St. Officers checked these locations, as well as the north side of campus, but could not locate the dog. At 4:54 p.m., a student called and advised that the dog was behind Paresky on Park St. An officer responded to the location and spoke with the student. The dog was last seen running off past Paresky and toward Lehman. Officers responded to this area, and the Williamstown Police Department was also advised.

Saturday​ 11-14-20​

12:38 a.m.​ Prospect House: An officer responded to a noise complaint and found loud music being played in a third-floor common area. The small group of students numbered under 10 and were all wearing masks. They were advised of the complaint and turned down the music.

1:13 a.m.​ Prospect House: Officers responded to a second noise complaint on the third floor. The same group had loud music playing. They shut off the music, and the officers advised them to leave it off for the remainder of the night.  

1:10 a.m. Wood House: Officers responded to several forced door alarms at the front door. Upon arrival, there were about 20 students outside and another large group that scattered from the basement. Some were wearing masks, while others were not. Empty beer cans and at least two empty 30-pack boxes were scattered throughout the basement. There were approximately 50 people total. CSS is conducting an ongoing investigation to identify students who were present.

5:06 a.m.​ West College: An officer responded to check with a student who reported hearing a continuous loud noise for about half an hour but was not sure where it was coming from. Officers did a walk-through of the building and spoke with the complainant. The student reported the noise had stopped just as the dispatcher sent the officers. The noise had also occurred the day before. The officer advised the student to call right away the next time it started so that officers could try to identify it.

​​​10:50 p.m.​: An officer was dispatched to the area between Driscoll Dr. and Spencer Art Building to assist an injured student with a possible concussion. Dispatch also activated 911. Upon arrival, the student was leaning over the split rail fence just outside the north entrance to Driscoll Dining Hall, and was being attended to by friends. The student had driven a scooter down Driscoll Dr. and had fallen at the bottom of Route 2. The student had several abrasions and cuts and possibly needed stitches. An ambulance transported the student to Berkshire Medical Center (BMC) North. 

Sunday​ 11-15-20

12:32 a.m.​ West College: Officers responded to reports of an intoxicated student and found the student in the fourth-floor bathroom. The student was transported to BMC North by Northern Berkshire Emergency Services.

1:03 a.m.​ Milham: An officer responded to multiple forced door alarms.. Upon the officer’s arrival, there was no one around. The lights were on in the house, but all common areas were empty. The officer checked the front and back doors and tested them both to make sure they were locked and working properly.​​

7:07 p.m.​ Poker Flats: Officers responded to a forced door alarm. They found the door secured and working properly with no one around.

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