Spring Street Blues

Campus Safety

Monday 4-20-20

4:41 p.m. Cole Field: An officer responded to a report that there were several groups on the athletic fields playing soccer. The officer advised two groups that group sports are currently prohibited on the College’s athletic fields due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that signs concerning this are posted at the entrances to the fields.

6:22 p.m. Southworth Apartments: Two officers responded to a code one fire alarm. The alarm was caused by the cooking of bacon. The stove fan was on and house windows were open. The system was reset. Proper PPE was worn, cleaned and disposed of.

Tuesday 4-21-20                    

1:40 p.m. Paresky Center: A student called to explain that he had received a message from a package delivery service informing him that an important package was left for him at Paresky. Paresky was not open at this time, and an officer responded to Paresky to assist in retrieving the package.

Wednesday 4-22-20           

4:28 p.m. Center for Development Economics (CDE) Residence Hall:  An officer responded to check the fire panel after dispatch had received two “activation” alarms.

10:26 p.m. Dodd House: An officer responded to assist a student who had accidentally gotten locked out of the Gibson Room with their study materials still inside. 

Thursday 4-23-20      

5:48 p.m. Cole Field House: Dispatch received a call from a Williamstown resident reporting a hissing sound and an odor of gas near Cole Field House. An officer responded and checked the area. There was no odor of any gas and there was no hissing sound — just the normal noise of the air handlers. Officers also checked the inside of the Field House and found nothing out of the ordinary. They also checked the Agway Complex since it is close by and found nothing out of the ordinary. 

6:41 p.m. Bryant House: An electrical trades technician reported finding a stray dog with no tags outside of Bryant House. The Williamstown Police Department (WPD) was also contacted and advised. The dog was picked up by WPD and transported to the police department to wait for his owner.

Saturday 4-25-20           

7:05 a.m. Various buildings: Dispatch received a fire system trouble alarm from the ABC House, as well as AC power fail alarms from Jenness, Rice, Hardy, Milham and the Stetson Court Trailer. An officer responded to ABC House first, then the others. All were experiencing power failures.  The on-call electrician was called. One officer did report hearing a loud bang/explosion sound just before the alarms. WPD was contacted, and they made the call to National Grid. Officers found a dead squirrel in the road on Hoxsey St. near pole No. 6. Looking up at the pole transformer, they could see the fuse cutout was tripped. The National Grid arrived on scene at 8:22 a.m. and power was restored shortly after.

2:11 p.m. Cole Field House: Dispatch received a call regarding an odor of gas near Cole Field House. Officers responded to Cole Field House and did not detect any odor of gas in the area. Because this was the second call, the Office of Safety and Environmental Compliance on-call person was contacted and advised of this second complaint in two days. He asked that Berkshire Gas be contacted to check with a meter and contacted the Williamstown fire chief as well. Berkshire Gas arrived and found no issues. There is a standard release valve that likely released some gas when the reporting person walked by.

Wednesday 4-29-20   

8:09 p.m. CDE Residence Hall: An officer responded to a report of no power in a room. An officer reset the tripped breaker. The breaker immediately tripped again. The officer went back to the student’s room, unplugged the major appliances and reset the breaker. The breaker didn’t trip. The officer went back to the room and plugged in the refrigerator and the microwave. The breaker tripped when the microwave was plugged in. They agreed to leave the microwave unplugged for the evening, and a work order was submitted to have this addressed by a College electrician the next day. 

Thursday 4-30-20      

11:12 a.m. Chandler Gymnasium: A officer responded to check the AED Unit. A custodian called dispatch reporting a beeping sound coming from the AED box. The beeping was coming from the AED box and not the AED unit. Electrical trades was called for assistance. Electrical trades checked the box and advised that the battery needed to be replaced, and they replaced it with one from their shop.

11:01 p.m. Weston Hall: An officer was dispatched for a forced door alarm at the South East Living Room, C door. Upon arrival, the door was found secured and no one was found in the building.

Friday  5-01-20          

9:05 a.m. Sawyer Library: An alarm was received from the Stetson Sawyer 124 mechanical room corridor. Dispatch advised that it was a water detection alarm. Officers found a small amount of water on the floor near the water bug alarm. The water was dripping from a hot water pipe in the ceiling. Dispatch advised the on-campus mechanical trades technician, who responded to correct the issue.

11:01 p.m. Lasell Gymnasium: An officer was dispatched for a forced door alarm. They swiped in and found the lobby light on and three students leaving the multipurpose room. They stated that they were exploring and looking for a face mask. They knew that they were not allowed in the building but entered anyway. The officer attempted to pull the door open and found it secure. They admitted that they had to forcefully jerk the door, causing it to open. There were no attempted swipes at the card reader prior to the door being pulled open so that the students could gain access. In order for the door to be opened, excessive force had to be used.  A work order for architectural trades was submitted to check this door for damage and a possible solution to make this door more secure.

Saturday 5-2-20                     

4:23 p.m. Sawyer Library: Officers responded to an intrusion alarm at Sawyer Library, 2nd floor stacks. A college librarian had gone into their office, not recognizing the building was not only locked, but the alarm system was armed. Everyone exited and the building was re-armed.

6:22 p.m. Horn Hall: An officer responded to the area outside of Horn Hall on the east lawn for a report of students not practicing social distancing. Upon arrival, there was a small group of about ten to twelve students that were in the process of picking up their garbage. They said they were on their way to dinner and wouldn’t be returning. These were all seniors and were not currently staying on campus. All were very cooperative.               

8:59 p.m. Mission Park: While completing a routine security check of Mission Dining Hall, an officer found an alarm beeping. One of the refrigeration units was in alarm and was indicating a warm temperature. After checking the surrounding coolers, they appeared to be in normal ranges or completely off with nothing inside. The on-call mechanical tradesman and dining hall manager were called.  

Sunday 5-3-20           

8:14 a.m. Mission Park Dr.: An officer patrolling Mission Park Dr. observed an unknown vehicle drive down Stetson Rd., turn into the Thompson Lot near Poker Flats, drive across the lot and park in a space. The vehicle did not have a College decal. The officer radioed a second officer to meet them in front of Cole Field House. They watched the vehicle from there. The vehicle then left the area, drove down Whitman St. and parked on the top level of the parking garage. Officers approached the vehicle and spoke with the driver. He was advised the College was private property and, not having any reason or affiliation on campus, he was directed to public parking. He was very cooperative and left campus. 

1:13 a.m. CDE Residence Hall: An officer responded to a door ajar alarm for a door being held or propped open. Upon arrival, there were a couple of students outside near the main entrance.  The officer advised the students that an alarm had been received from the door and Campus Safety and Security (CSS) was there to check it. The students said they had propped the door open. They apologized and secured the door.

6:32 p.m. Dodd Annex: An officer reported observing a family of foxes near Dodd Annex. They have a hole in the ground under the set of stairs on the south side of the Annex and may be getting into the basement. A work order for facilities was submitted.