Spring Street Blues

Campus Safety

Wednesday 4-1-20                

5:28 p.m. Hollander Hall: An officer responded to the east basement door for a door ajar alarm. A faculty member was found on site with the door open while they were talking to someone. Personal protective equipment (PPE) was used.

Saturday 4-4-20                    

7:35 p.m. Tennis Courts: The director received a call that the paddle tennis courts might be open.  An officer was dispatched to check and found that the door was open and the lock had been removed. The on-call Architectural Trades person was called and put a new lock that would have limited key access. A work order was submitted to remove the net.

8:30 p.m. Paresky Mailroom: An officer was dispatched to assist a student who needed access to the mailroom. The student needed to pick up perishables that they could not pick up during open hours. PPE was used.

Monday 4-6-20                     

11:12 a.m. Children’s Center: An officer responded to a forced door alarm from the Children’s Center (CC) main card reader door. Upon arrival, the Officer found the building had been disarmed and was occupied by the director of the CC. The director was on site to let Facilities staff attend to pest control needs. PPE was used.

11:56 a.m. Hollander Hall: An officer assisted with providing access to Hollander Hall for a professor. PPE was used.

12:04 p.m. Hockey Rink: An officer responded to a forced door alarm. Upon arrival, the doors were found secure and operating properly. The officer found facilities staff inside.  

1:11 p.m. Jenness House: An officer escorted and provided access into Jenness House for a student to retrieve their ID. PPE was used.

2:32 p.m. Sage Hall: An officer swiped a student into Sage Hall. PPE was used.

Tuesday 4-7-20                     

5:44 p.m. Hopkins Hall: An officer responded to the basement men’s room after the lead custodian found the large mirror shattered on the floor. It appears that the glue adhesive holding the mirror on the wall failed. The officer took a photograph to document the damage.

Saturday 4-11-20      

3:30 p.m. Cole Field: An officer took a call from a professor regarding dogs being off-leash. The professor asked if the leash requirement was still applicable with the College under the COVID-19 crisis. The officer affirmed it was. The faculty member explained a couple of incidents that took place over the past week with their family. In the first incident, the family was in the area of the Cole Field House exercising and left their belongings near a sidewalk by the building. They watched an off-leash dog urinate on their belongings while the dog’s owner was about 10 feet away. The owner shrugged off the incident and became defensive when told his dog needed to be on a leash. The second incident happened early on Saturday when the family was out for a run along Stetson Road by Cole Field.  Another off-leash dog ran across the road, nipping at their son’s ankles and causing him to fall on the road. The child sustained no injuries. The professor felt that these incidents crossed a line and wanted to report them. The officer thanked them for the report and told them that it would be documented. The officer asked that in the future they call Campus Safety and Security (CSS) immediately at the time of an incident so they can be handled right away and the owners can be identified. The director of CSS and other College officials were notified of the report and officers were asked to closely monitor the athletic fields for leash law violations.

Sunday 4-12-20        

1:03 p.m. Hollander Hall: An officer responded to a person reporting that she felt like she was being followed after leaving Driscoll Dining Hall and heading to Pratt House. She had ducked into Hollander Hall to feel safe. Officers took a description of the individual and did an immediate sweep of the area. An officer provided a safety escort and advised her to call CSS for an escort any time she felt the need.

1:42 p.m. Cole Field: An officer responded to a report of people hitting golf balls near the soccer fields. The officer located two individuals north of the soccer fields near the riverbank. The officer informed them that golf balls can only be hit in the designated area of Cole Field, which is currently closed under the COVID-19 restrictions. They apologized and decided to leave. No further action was taken.

Monday 4-13-20       

5:21 p.m. Bascom House: An officer responded to the main door for a force door alarm. The officer found the door secure. It was raining hard and was very windy, which may have caused the alarm. A work order was issued to check the door.

8:00 p.m. Park Street: An officer responded to a college residence at 125 Park Street for a report of water leaking through the ceiling of Apartment 1. A mechanical tradesman also responded. They found water leaking through a light fixture in that bathroom. The cause was found to be from an upstairs apartment bathroom tub water supply leaking. The water supply was turned off and the leaking stopped. Pictures of ceiling damage were taken for documentation.

Tuesday 4-14-20       

10:21 a.m. Lynde Lane: The lead groundskeeper called dispatch and advised them that a tree had fallen across the road near the Park Street intersection. He was at the intersection of Lynde Lane and Park Street waiting for the grounds crew to arrive and remove the tree. An officer placed a sign and cones blocking off the road and documented the damage.

Wednesday 4-15-20  

1:23 p.m. Weston Field: Officers responded to reports of a person screaming near the track. A local resident called dispatch and said there was a woman who was laying on the ground yelling and screaming and flailing around. Officers donned PPE to approach the individual. They were directed to Pecks Grandstand where they could see someone laying on the bleachers. They recognized and were familiar with the town resident. The person said they were just having a bad day. The individual was asked if they needed medical assistance and were offered assistance in calling Northern Berkshire EMS. The individual refused assistance, appeared coherent and in control and apologized for yelling and screaming.

3:18 p.m. Weston Field: An officer responded at the request of the lead groundskeeper, who noticed students playing basketball on the track. Two students were found. The officer explained the restrictions for use of athletic facilities due to the pandemic. They were also advised that grounds staff did not want them using the track for basketball and the hoop was not authorized to be stored in the Peck Grandstand.

Saturday 4-18-20      

12:40 p.m. Campus Safety: All CSS computer alarm monitoring systems failed, as well as telephone communications. The system failure protocol was put into place. An emergency call was made to on-call Office of Information Technology (OIT) personnel from a backup cell phone. OIT sent someone to campus immediately. Officers were advised and began diligent patrolling and conducting building checks for audible alarms. The director of CSS, the on-call Supervisor and the Security Systems Manager were all notified. The Williamstown Police Department was contacted and advised and given the CSS emergency cell. Critical area emergency contacts were called and advised of the alarm system failure. OIT staff arrived and systems were all back up and running within the hour. All parties who were called and advised of the outage were called back to let them know the issue had been corrected.