Spring Street Blues

Campus Safety

Monday 3-2-20

8:45 p.m. Southworth St.: A staff member in College housing on Southworth St. reported an odd odor outside their residence. The resident and officers checked the perimeter of the house and could not detect any odors. An officer submitted a work order to have the vents checked in the morning. 

Tuesday 3-3-20

10:09 a.m. Williams Hall: A Facilities tradesperson reported that there was an adult wandering back and forth near the Williams F entry as if waiting for someone to let them into the building. The description that was submitted enabled officers to find and identify the person who entered, having been let in by a student. 

2:25 p.m. Miller House: A project manager reported a suspicious person wandering around Miller House and walking toward Garfield. Campus Safety and Security caught up with the person just before Field Park. The man stated that he was just walking around campus looking at all of the new buildings that had been built or remodeled since 2005. 

Wednesday 3-4-20 

2:14 p.m. Prospect House: Dispatch received a complaint that a resident on the fourth floor may have been smoking in their room. An officer identified the room and resident, as well as a smoke detector being covered with plastic and an ashtray with ashes and cigarette butts, both violations. 

Thursday 3-5-20

12:12 a.m. Mission Park: Officers responded to a medical emergency. A student reported pain from a twisted ankle, and was noticeably in pain and distressed. Berkshire Emergency Services was contacted for a non-emergency transport.  

3:54 p.m. Mission Park: A fire alarm was set off.  The responding officer found the panel indicating an activated smoke detector in Dennett third floor lounge. They found a burnt cup of Rice-A-Roni in the trash can and melted plastic in the microwave. Officers opened windows for ventilation. This was a reportable fire incident, and the Williamstown Fire Chief was contacted in the event that he wanted to respond. He declined to respond but offered assistance in ventilating the area. The opened windows dissipated the haze, so this response was not necessary. The on-call Safety and Environmental Compliance member was notified, and they requested that the  microwave be taken to facilities so that they and electricians could inspect it to see if it is in proper working order or if it needs to be replaced.

Friday  3-6-20

1:12 p.m. Health Center: Dispatch received a call of a suspected gas odor.  Health Center staff activated a pull-station to evacuate people from the building. The Williamstown Fire Department (WFD) was called, along with Safety & Environmental Compliance. Electrical Trades and Mechanical Trades also arrived on scene. The odor was detected on the south side of the building. WFD requested that Berkshire Gas be notified. It was determined there was an issue with the gas water heater.  

9:19 p.m. Agard House: Officers responded with Mechanical Tradesmen for a report that a heater had fallen off the wall. A small amount of water was on the floor, and students had placed paper towels down to gather the water. The Mechanical Tradesmen turned off the water to the heater and had the heater repaired on Monday. 

Saturday 3-7-20  

12:08 a.m. Hubbell House: As an officer was leaving Dodd House for a noise complaint, he could hear loud music coming from the second floor of Hubbell House and proceeded there. They, too, were asked if they could turn the music down. 

6:30 p.m. Lansing Chapman Rink: Officers working the hockey games had to identify and ask two students to leave the rink for causing a disturbance and harassing a visiting team exiting the ice between the third and overtime periods. 

Sunday 3-8-20

3:21 a.m. Facilities Lot: A patrolling officer saw a person walking across the hockey rink front patio roof. The student was identified and cautioned.   

3:26 a.m. Facilities Lot: While still in the Facilities Lot, officers observed a student open the hockey rink door from the inside and call out for a friend. Officers went in and found three hockey players out on the ice hitting pucks around and one on the bench. Officers confirmed with supervisors that no one should be in the hockey rink. Officers found approximately 20 people in there, and several of them went out the back door and disappeared. A few were identified and admitted having entered through a propped back door.