Spring Street Blues: From the files of Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety

Monday 9-10-18

2:54 p.m. Mission Park: A smoke detector in Mills was activated. The cause of the alarm was burnt popcorn. Before officers arrived, a student called CSS to report the cause and that there was no fire. One student was found to have refused to leave during the mandatory evacuation because of an unauthorized pet in her room. The safety and environmental compliance office was advised.

Tuesday 9-11-18

2:39 p.m. Park Street: Officers responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident. The dispatcher notified the Williamstown Police Department. Northern Berkshire Emergency Services were called to evaluate a driver.

8:31 p.m. Horn Hall: In response to a room opening, an officer observed a wooden incense-burning tray, a bamboo stick and a trashcan filled with ash. The officer advised the student that incense burning is against college policy as a safety violation. The materials were confiscated and turned in to safety and environmental safety inspectors.

Wednesday 9-12-18

1:09 a.m. Bernhard Music Center: Officers found a large glass window next to the north entrance shattered. The window was approximately eight feet by five feet. No one was in the immediate area. The on-call architectural tradesperson was contacted and came to campus. The window was boarded up to secure it until it could be repaired.

6:54 a.m. Thompson: An officer responded to perform a welfare check on a student for a parent who asked CSS to check on them and have them call home immediately.

8:58 a.m. Spencer Art Building: An officer received an email from a college groundskeeper with a photo of graffiti on a cooling/heating unit on the west side of the building. The graffiti could not be seen from the parking lot. The officer took an incident report and submitted a work order to have the graffiti removed.

1:30 p.m. Wood Lot: Tree limbs were reported down. A very large limb had fallen on the east section of the parking lot. Several vehicles in the lot were damaged. An incident report was started, photos were taken and car owners were contacted. The college administrative office in charge of liability issues was contacted.

Thursday 9-13-18

2:19 p.m. Lasell Gym: A student came to CSS to report a lost engagement ring. After lifting, the student reported that they walked from Lasell to the bookstore.  

Friday 9-14-18

6:44 p.m. ’62 Center Costume Shop: An officer was dispatched to help catch a squirrel. An officer caught and released the squirrel. It was noted that the squirrel did not have any physical contact with anyone. 

8:19 p.m. Wood House: CSS responded to a report of a hornet in a student’s room. It turned out to be a honeybee. An Officer was able to capture the bee and release it back outside. 

Sunday 9-16-18

3:15 p.m. Hopkins Hall: A student reported that while he was off campus near The Store at Five Corners he had his iPhone and water belt stolen. He was part of a group that was roller skiing when they placed their belongings down in the grass near where they were parked.  Several of them placed their water belts down and went on an extra half hour ski. All the belts were gone when they came back.