Spring Street Blues

Campus Safety

Monday 9-9-19

3:00 p.m. Sage Hall: A groundskeeper called CSS and requested an officer to respond concerning the collision of a College vehicle with the corner of a marble block, causing a flat tire and minor damage to the rim. The officer drove the truck back to the shop and filled the tire with air after reseeding it. No new damage to the marble was visible, and no pieces of marble were on the ground.

10:36 p.m. Sawyer Library: An officer responded to the west main entrance for a report of a student not feeling well. The student reported sharp and severe pain in the right side of their abdomen and was concerned about appendicitis. Officers activated 911 for Northern Berkshire Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to respond. The student was transported to Berkshire Health – North in North Adams. 

Tuesday 9-10-19

5:43 p.m. Greylock Hall: An officer responded to a report of an injured participant in the boot camp class that was taking place. The officer provided first aid and an ice pack. The participant did not request further medical attention, and EMS was not activated.

6:11 p.m. Greylock Basement: An officer took a statement from a student who had spent last year at the Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford and placed her belongings in the International Storage Area in Greylock Hall basement. The area is normally locked, and she was missing several items valued at approximately $1000. CSS faxed a Stolen Article Report (SAR) to the Williamstown Police Department (WPD).

6:51 p.m. Faculty Housing: Officers responded to a housing unit on Meacham Street for a report of the fire alarms ringing for no apparent reason. Officers also could not determine a cause, but were able to silence the audible alarms. An on-duty electrical tradesperson was asked to 

respond and found a faulty detector in the third floor area, which was replaced, and the system was reset. 

Wednesday 9-11-19

7:50 p.m. Chandler Gym Pool: An officer responded to a report of blood on the floor near the pool needing a biohazard clean-up. The injured party was no longer present.. The on-duty custodians responded as well.

8:18 p.m. ’62 Center: The Director of CSS received an email from Williamstown Theatre Festival (WTF) Production management regarding several thefts from the Center for Theatre and Dance over the summer. The email, which was also sent to WPD, detailed multiple unique costuming items stolen from WTF and the value of each item, as well as details concerning these items being posted on eBay for sale.

Thursday 9-12-19

9:29 p.m. Dodd House: Officers were dispatched to the kitchen, where a bat had been reported. Officers apprehended the bat, brought it outside and released it. The bat did not make physical contact with any students.

Friday 9-13-19

12:19 a.m. North Science construction project: Two students were observed on video surveillance in the project and will face disciplinary action and fines.

10:48 p.m. Dodd House: An officer transported a student from Dodd House to Hopkins Hall to meet the Non-Emergency Medical Transport van. The student had fallen off his bike on the concrete pathway between Sawyer Library and Dodd House moments prior. The student reported a hurt left arm/elbow and that he was slowly his losing range of motion. The student reported that he did not hit his head. The Non Emergent Medical Transport service was called to have him evaluated at Berkshire Health – North in North Adams.

11:57 p.m. 63 Hoxsey Street: Officers responded to the area of Hoxsey St. and Walden St. for a report of an intoxicated student needing assistance. Upon arrival, they found a student sitting on the steps to 63 Hoxsey St., visibly intoxicated and unable to sit unassisted on the stairs. EMS was contacted and arrived on scene, and the student was transported to Berkshire Health – North.

Saturday 9-14-19

2:40 p.m. Hopkins Hall: An officer took a statement concerning a missing bike. The bike was previously near the bike rack on the north side of Mission Park last night and was missing today. The bike was not locked to the rack. A SAR was taken and sent to WPD.

Sunday 9-15-19

9:10 a.m. While patrolling through the Thompson Lot, an officer noticed a vehicle with a smashed window. On the ground next to the vehicle, there were broken pieces of a raw potato. There were also potato remnants on the driver’s side back seat window. The student owner was contacted and was not aware of the damage. WPD was notified and arrived to meet with the owner, and photos were taken for documentation.

1:20 p.m. East College: An officer responded to open a student room. Upon opening the door, the officer saw drug paraphernalia and marijuana immediately in view. The student took responsibility for the items, and they were confiscated.

10:56 p.m. Prospect House: Officers were asked to conduct a welfare check by the mother of a student. The student was not in the room, so the officer left a note to call CSS. A short while later, the mother called to advise that the student had made contact with her and that their cellphone battery had been dead.