Amy Sanders O’Rourke ’03 talks campaign life

Amy Sanders O’Rourke ’03 is now traveling across the country to support the presidential campaign of her husband, Beto O’Rourke./Photo courtesy of Amy Sanders O’Rourke ’03. Before Monday, no one had asked Amy Sanders O’Rourke ’03 whether she wants to be first lady.

‘Downton Abbey’ is a return to joyous escapism

Dame Maggie Smith (left) and Michelle Dockery (right) reprise their roles as the Dowager and Lady Mary. (Photo courtesy of Focus Features.)

I believe that the best films cause you to believe that, while watching, you belong to an immersive other world.

New style Instagram features underrepresented student fashions

As digital and social media become increasingly popular forums for sharing and expressing fashion, three students at the College have founded an Instagram account, @styleatwilliams, to feature unique outfits and pieces they observe on campus. BROOKE HOROWITCH/DEPUTY MANAGING EDITOR.