Glenn Close delivers Oscar-worthy performance in ‘The Wife’

The Wife is an intriguing film, although its immense quality makes it at points hard to watch. The performances are so real, and the reality they capture so unsettling, that there are times when you wonder how much you are actually enjoying it – until all the uncomfortable details build to a thunderously satisfying climax that, while not wrapping anything up neatly, provides a much-needed emotional catharsis.

‘Skate Kitchen’ explores sisterhood

Crystal Moselle’s Skate Kitchen veers sharply off the path of romantic comedies. It ditches type-casting in favor of a documentary and coming-of-age hybrid for an in-depth look at women in skater subculture.

‘Shock and Awe’ underwhelms

Shock and Awe, which opened at Images last week, is a new film by director Rob Reiner that tells the true story of the courageous journalists who challenged the narrative propagated by the George W. Bush Administration and the mainstream media leading up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The journalists, working for the now-defunct publishing company Knight-Ridder, were harassed, discredited and insulted as unpatriotic by readers and fellow journalists alike for questioning the invasion in the hyper-nationalist post-9/11 atmosphere, but in spite of this adversity they held firm and continued to report the truth. 
Tragically, Knight-Ridder’s warnings went unheeded and America barreled headlong into a costly and regrettable war in Iraq in March of 2003.