“Us”: students react

Last Thursday, ACE held a screening of Jordan Peele’s hotly anticipated film “Us.” After the film, I spoke with students about their reactions.

Howard Garbarsky: man, myth, monitor, screenwriter

Gym monitor Howard Garbarsky began working at the College while at studying at MCLA to write his screenplay, “The Atomic Voles.”

Most students’ interactions with Athletic Facility Monitor Howard Garbarsky consist of a quick “thank you” when entering Lasell Gym or a jog back to the front desk for a forgotten swipe. When not scaring swipe-forgetters with his shrill whistle, Howard spends his time writing screenplays composing poetry and taking photos.

Box Office Hours: ‘Capernaum’ with Cheryl Shanks

It’s taking everything in my willpower to restrain from commenting on Sunday’s Academy Awards. After seeing Capernaum, a film by Lebanese actor, writer and director Nadine Labaki, I can discuss the Best Foreign Language Film category.