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Wards book, Sing, Unburied, Sing, was inspired by her experience growing up as a black woman in the South. It was this years Williams Reads book. 
Sophia Shin/Photo Editor

Sing, Unburied, Sing author Jesmyn Ward speaks on storytelling

Kristen Bayrakdarian October 17, 2018

Last Thursday the College hosted Jesmyn Ward, author of this year’s Williams Reads book, Sing, Unburied, Sing. Ward reflected on the events that have shaped her life and influenced her as a writer.  Marlene...

Louise Wakerakatse Herne and Makota Valdina Pinto came to speak at the College as part of an Africana Studies symposium. Sophia Shin/Photo Editor

Indigenous groups’ elders discuss power of wisdom, community

Jeongyoon Han October 3, 2018

Living testimonies of the restorative and inspiring potential of indigenous wisdom graced the three-part Africana Studies symposium, “Nkisis, Orixás and Ancestors: The Role of Religion, Creativity...

Stony Ledge is not Mountain Day: On changing campus dialogue and perceptions of Mountain Day

Jonathan Hall October 3, 2018

Leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping and professors across campus are announcing that “the exam will be next Friday… maybe.” Mountain Day must be coming. This piece will primarily reflect...

Alicia Garza, Reza Aslan and moderator Jamelle Bouie discussed free speech and intolerance. Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Visitors debate free speech at roundtable

Samuel Wolf October 3, 2018

      On Sept. 27, the College invited several prominent speakers to campus for a roundtable discussion on free speech and intolerance in the ’62 Center for Theatre...

Word on The Quad: What does Mountain Day mean to you?

Word on The Quad: What does Mountain Day mean to you?

Katie Brule October 3, 2018

  A Thursday where I risk it all and don't do my work (except I do that everyday). Fernanda Gonzalez '22   Dangling the possibility in front of our faces, then cruelly snatching...

Steven Pinker argued that the Enlightenment has ushered in a golden age of human prosperity through reason, science, humanism and progress.
Katie Brule/Photo Editor.

Steven Pinker speaks on Enlightenment

Yasmina Cabrera September 26, 2018

On Thursday night, Steven Pinker, cognitive psychologist and author of Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress, gave a lecture of the same title in Chapin Hall. The event...

President Maud Mandel awarded medals to alums Michael Wynn ’93, Shoshana Clark Stewart ’02, Cheryl Robinson Joyner ’85 and John Walcott ’71.

Photo courtesy of Roman Iwasiwka.

College awards Bicentennial Medals to four alums

Sofie Jones September 19, 2018

Last Saturday, the College marked the start of the 2018-2019 academic year with the annual convocation ceremony in Chapin Hall, which included the awarding of this year’s Bicentennial Medals. Four alums...

At the 2018 Berkshire Bioblitz, held in Hopkins Forest, students, scientists and community members came together to document wildlife in the area. 

Photo courtesy of Sarah Gardner.

Berkshire Bioblitz hosted by College for first time

Allie Campbell September 19, 2018

This past weekend, students, biologists, naturalists and professors joined the general public in Hopkins Memorial Forest to participate in the ninth annual Berkshire Bioblitz – a 24-hour biological survey...

In his lecture, Keating discussed his physics research and critiqued the Nobel Prize selection process.

Photo courtesy of USCD library.

Brian Keating speaks on losing the Nobel Prize

Samuel Wolf September 19, 2018

  On Friday, physicist and University of California San Diego professor Brian Keating visited the College to discuss his recently published book, Losing the Nobel Prize, about his attempts to...

Word on the Quad: What is convocation?

Word on the Quad: What is convocation?

Haeon Yoon September 19, 2018

A bunch of chairs under a tent. Mahesh Saha '22 An excuse for Williams to brag that it invented the cap and gown. Lauren Barry '21 Seniors realizing that they get to leave soon. Henry Nguyen '20 Having...

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