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The men’s swim and dive team won the NESCAC championship. (Photo courtesy of Sports Information.)

Winter Playoff Picture: Week Two

Katie Lu and Noor Naseer February 22, 2023
Men's swim and dive won the NESCAC championship, women's squash ended their season ranked 14th in the nation, and men's and women's basketball advanced to the NESCAC semifinals.
The Sustainable Living Community is based in Garfield House on South St. (Annie Lu/The Williams Record)

Sustainability TAPSI house launches campus-wide compost project

Ella Marx and Emily Zas October 19, 2022
The Sustainable Living Community (SLC) will provide metal compost bins to upperclass dorm kitchens across campus this semester. The move, which was announced in a Daily Message, is a response to the College’s removal of compost bins in residential areas for this academic year. The SLC said it hopes to expand the project to first-year dorms and co-ops.
Off the Record

Off the Record

October 15, 2022

Second Edition: December 8, 2022   First Edition: October 15, 2022      Managing Director Iman Shumburo Managing...

The median home price in Williamstown, which has risen over 40 percent in the past year, is now $492,000. (Sam Riley/The Williams Record)

Town releases Existing Conditions Analysis, takes steps towards completing comprehensive plan

Julia Goldberg October 5, 2022
The Williamstown Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee has released its Existing Conditions Analysis, a report that will aid the committee’s development of Envisioning Williamstown 2035, a comprehensive plan set to outline a community-driven vision of the Town’s physical development.

Wall – Ian McMahan

May 13, 2022

Let me live on that wall. Let me walk amongst its letters like trees: Tall above my head, colored with the one truth.   I am often confused, But not beside the childish print of your...

On Writing – Amina Naidjate

April 20, 2022

I do not think I’ve ever thought A thought that was unique   Each thought I think Or think I thought I’ve heard somebody speak   Each poem That I’ve written...

(a-way) as i have / as i will- Ethan Richmond

April 20, 2022

  (a-way) as i have / as i will     after Gary in your Pocket ii. i have always known this but i have discovered that we are servants of cycles nature is the cruelest thing one...

is it beautiful to die in love? – Ethan Richmond

April 20, 2022

  is it beautiful to die in love? to dye love in blood dyeing us in forgiveness for apologies that don’t yet exist and the taste of wherever our bodies are going   however they’re...

Well-Being – Jessica Jiang

April 20, 2022

Mama it’s okay to say my name with love. I’m a newborn all my trauma left behind. I’m happy enough to forget you. You can try again. You won’t believe this but someone loves me and all I had...

Letters – Scarlet Rusch

April 20, 2022

To the beautiful screenwriter I met in a butcher shop in Prague To my lovely sister, the most brilliant person I know “It’s wonderful to hear from you again. It makes me feel really special and...

coordination – Nate Welsh

April 13, 2022

  coordination i didn’t go to college, but a couple of my close friends did. from what i’ve heard, there’s a lot of scampering and stinginess and running away from bees and climbing...

The Beginning- Viviana Rodriguez

April 13, 2022

  PERSON #1 and PERSON #2 are lying down on the forest floor, a couple feet away from a stream. PERSON #2 is whistling Chim Chim Cheree. PERSON #1 is swaying their hands around as if they are dancing....

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