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The theme of “Forum on the Status of Women in Politics” was chosen in honor of the hundredth anniversary of women’s suffrage, the fifty years since women first matriculate at the College, and Kamala Harris’s swearing-in as the first woman to serve as vice president of the United States. Photo courtesy of Veronica Bosley.

White House correspondents reflect on women in politics in virtual forum

Emily Kuwaye and Declan Houlihan March 10, 2021
Maggie Haberman and Yamiche Alcindor participated in a College-organized webinar on March 3 titled “Forum on the Status of Women in Politics,” which was moderated by Michel Martin.
Before Schapiro began his tenure as President of Northwestern University, he served as president of Williams, and as a professor of economics. Photo courtesy of Northwestern University.

Former Williams President Morty Schapiro to step down from Northwestern presidency

Josh Kirschner March 10, 2021
On March 4, former President of the College Morton “Morty” Schapiro issued a statement to the Northwestern community announcing his intent to retire from the university on Aug. 31, 2022, once his contract expires. Schapiro has served as President of Northwestern University for 13 years, since he left Williams in 2009.
Sara Diaz ’93 took a selfie of her and Jamie Kerman ’93 with a bulky 35mm camera in front of Santa Croce, Florence. (Photo courtesy of Sara Diaz.)

Jamie Kerman ’93 and Sara Diaz ’93

February 10, 2021

“I already knew at the beginning, but it took her a while,” Kerman said. Diaz laughed before agreeing.  The two first met during the first social event arranged by the JAs of their entry. That...

John Maher ’12 and Robert Khederian ’12 prepared a charcuterie board for the final day of the Michelangelo tutorial that brought them together. (Photo courtesy of Robert Khederian.)

John Maher ’12 and Robert Khederian ’12

February 10, 2021

Maher and Khederian first met in Professor Stefanie Solum’s ARTH 232 Renaissance Rome class, wherein Khederian’s first words to Maher were a compliment on his socks. “And I was not out yet at that...

Dennis Kuo ’93 and Kathrine Kuo ’93 argue to this day about how they first met. (Photo courtesy of Kathrine Kuo.)

Dennis Kuo ’93 and Kathrine Kuo ’93

February 10, 2021

The circumstances of their first meeting are a point of contention for Dennis and Kathrine Kuo. “Allegedly, we met at a Combo Za concert,” she said. “And I say allegedly because I don’t remember...

Slavery and the College

January 10, 2021

Selena Castro ’17 traced the establishment of the College to the stolen labor of the Black people Ephraim Williams enslaved in “the mountains! the mountains!: Slavery in Williamstown, MA,” a research...

A nationwide reckoning about colleges’ ties to slavery

January 10, 2021

In recent years, colleges across the country have faced questions about how they should account for the racism of their founding figures. How should racist benefactors, especially those who were enslavers,...

The lives of Ephraim Williams and those he enslaved

January 10, 2021

Born in 1715 in Newton, Mass., Ephraim Williams Jr. became a soldier and land speculator like his father, Ephraim Williams Sr.  The younger Ephraim Williams moved to Stockbridge in roughly 1742. He...

What comes next for the College

January 10, 2021

Unlike with Johns Hopkins, the fact that Ephraim Williams was an enslaver has never been a secret. It comes up multiple times in both Ebony & Ivy by Wilder and Colonel Ephraim Williams: A Documentary...

Maureen McDonnell ’86 and Mike Curtin ’86 reunited four years after graduation, marrying a year later with a reception chock-full of College friends and families. (Photo courtesy of Mike Curtin.)

Maureen McDonnell ’86 and Mike Curtin ’86

January 10, 2021

Despite graduating in the same class, Curtin and McDonnell had not met each other until their senior year. “Michael was in the rugby, beer-drinking circle,” McDonnell said. “And I was in the African...

Lauren Sinnenberg ’10 and Tyler Rainer ’11 transformed from soccer teammates to friends to partners during their time at the College. (Photo courtesy of Tyler Rainer.)

Lauren Sinnenberg ’10 and Tyler Rainer ’11

January 10, 2021

“This is probably a lesbian cliché, but we played in the same soccer team,” Rainer said. The two were teammates and friends for nearly three years before they began dating in the week leading up to...

Darik Vélez ’01 gave Elizabeth Vélez ’02 two roses on each Valentine’s Day but saved the third for his proposal based on the saying: “One for you, one for me, one forever.” (Photo courtesy of Darik Vélez.)

Darik Vélez ’01 and Elizabeth Vélez ’02

January 10, 2021

In the fall of 1998, Elizabeth Vélez was a nervous first-year who couldn’t find her WOOLF orientation group. After finally finding her way to the field where all the WOOLF groups were supposed to assemble,...

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